Well I'm always back to Malacca but I never bought any souvenirs for my lovely readers. So this time I actually bought some interesting handmade pieces of accessories. I bet some of you might love this~

Yeap! is the dreamcatcher. I always love dreamcatcher~ It's such a beautiful accessories to wear it as a necklace, earrings or you can even hang it on your bags. The Ojibwa believe that a dreamcatcher changes a person's dreams. Only good dreams would be allowed to filter through...bad dreams would stay in the net., disappearing with the light of day. Good dreams would pass through and slight down the feathers to the sleeper.

Even Rumi of rocking a beautiful dreamcatcher necklace.

blogger Oracle fox hang a dreamcatcher on her bag

I'll be giving away 1 dreamcatcher necklace and 1 dreamcatcher accessories. To enter simply comment below and tell me how can be can talk about anything to make this blog even more interesting. I will be choosing 2 lucky winners on Friday. Good luck to you and be sure to include your email address so I can contact you after I picked a winner. XO!

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ErikaToh said...

Wee...another giveaway?!!! Cool! I love to own one of those lovely dreamcatcher accessories! They're lovely!^^

Here's the suggestions on how you can improve your blog:
1. Change your blog's background and/or header for a fresh, updated look. Hint: CNY is coming~ ^^

2. Perhaps you could reveal / share your beauty secrets, fashion tips, make-up tutorial, etc as I'm sure many would love to know about it. :D

Hmm...I think that's all about it. Your blog has always been an interesting blog to read and follow. Love the pictures and posts you put up - it's original; so Ming@yourself.

Just keep up the good work and continue to be yourself. I end this comment of mine with this quote:

"To be a star, u must walk your own path, shine your own light & not be afraid of the darkness because that's when a star shines the brightest~" Agree? ;D

All the best, Ming! I wish you happiness, success, good health and good luck! *Huggies* XoXo~ (^_^)v

Hayley said...

Trying my luck only :P

Here's my suggestion Ming..

1. Change your blog fonts to a bigger one so that its easier and more friendly to read ;)

2. Do some house keeping such as
-remove the old twitter updates and keep a few latest one.
-update more latest phot of yourself/meaningful photos for you, at your side bar

3. Change the template and add in some flash players to make your blog even more interesting and lively!

Take care there pretty ^^

RG said...

i want a dreamcatcher!! hehe.

in a whole i really enjoy reading your blog. but here's a few things that will make me enjoy it more! :D

- would be great if you could change your body font & size. right now it's too small for me + italics. i have to zoom in every time when i read >.<

- i think you should upload larger images! that way readers can see it clearer&its always nice to look at bigger images. especially since u have such nice photographs on your blog :)

- and yes ming, i think if u hv the time u sld get a new blog layout design thats reflects your personality & something more personalize.


Rebecca said...

Hello hello :D
Hmm.. let's see.

1. I think your Vintagenoise will be more interesting if you post up your daily outfits everyday. I always look forward to see your outfit pictures! Oh, and where you got them from :P
2. Hmm.. posts should be longer and more detailed because we always want to know moree :P Doesn't have to be too personal though.
3. More photo shoot pictures!
4. Random and fun posts! say, giving readers to ask you any ques and you answer them truthfully. Some bloggers have done it and I enjoy reading silly questions and funny answers. haha :D

HelenCC said...
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HelenCC said...

hello Ming ^^

I think this is x my 1st time leave comment.. actually i know u frm Nuffnang "December"...
Once i read ur blog, i decided to follow it^^ why? bcz lot of interesting photo & like the way u blogging ^^

my suggestion is:
1. keep on upload more n more n more photo ^^ especially abt ur outfit n fashion style ^^ I love food too~ try introduce more local food or the restaurant u like~

2. change ur font size bcum bigger n more contrast colour! I think this is a must~ sometime i rili hard to read what u writing. ><" u know blogger Cindy "Cin". her blog font vy easy to read..

3. resize ur blog width bcum more larger.. try fully utilize the place, so that reader can feel more comfortable.

4. setting ur "comment form placement" bcum "pop-up window".. bcz it make ur reader more easier to leave a comment without leave ur front page.

5. mayb u can add a music playlist? show us the latest song or ur favourite song? or mayb a song suit ur blog feel^^ it can make ur own blog more "characteristic".

6. also strongly recommend u "link within". it can help u to show related stories under each post. therefore u wont let ur pass stories go to waste. u can click this link to learn more~ actually vy easy^^

7. mayb u can post more abt ur skin care step & beauty product that u used. share to us ur feeling after used.

Oops, too many opinion... hope u dont mind.. that jz my own suggestion^^ actually I'm jz a new blogger. haha^^ I start blogging 2 month oni. anyway, hope can get de dreamcatcher necklace ^^

my email add:

Sara said...

Hi Ming,

Those are lovely dreamcatchers :-)
Well, love if you could take random photos of someone's style that you like on the street...and of course more pictures of you & your outfit. Thus, we can get some style tips from you...straight from your lens ;-)

Keep up the good blogging job!


mooiyan said...

I'm sure this isn't the first time i've conteng you comment box,Ming.HAHA.
Okie,cut the crap.Here are few guidelines that hopefully helps?;)

1.Maybe change the font to a bigger one and to another type of font?I have a friend who loves reading blogs telling me that she seldom read yours as the font size is too small.haha

2.Change the background of your blog like once a year?I personally think that designing a logo that best suits your personality is great!

3.Redesign the layout of your blog would be cool too.E.g. Readers can read your twitter updates via a click away.And even your own profile,fb account,sending you e-mails,Ming's Closet and your older blog posts!:) You can include all these small titles inside a vertical column or whichever way you find better & creative.The column might be located right below the name & logo of your blog.

4.Add some colors to your blog titles as well as the dates?Maybe you can put the labels on top too?It's easier for your readers to follow on later.

5.You can link every looks or updates of your closet and blogshop to Lookbook perhaps?I think i can't find your account after clicking on the Lookbook icon on the left.:( And i think you might like to post up some doodles there too!

6. I prefer your blog with the music player.I like those songs you played last time!=)It's soul calming for readers to read while listening to the songs.Maybe a better and slightly bigger screen?

7.Try to put in a search tab will help your readers to find your older posts or maybe on certain topics etc.

That's all i can think of now.Hope it helps.:))

Suraya said...

Hi ming, these are the few suggestion of mine how ur blog can improve.

1.3 column layout, right column can be your favourite links, twitter or FB page, mid column is ur post, left column can be your sponsored links and links that featured u before(blogger of the month/ ambassador of TARC etc...)

2. bigger font size please.

3. put ur face or u in many different outfits in ur header.

4. remain the earth tone colour coz it's really vintage

well, despite the various suggestion I'll support in whatever changes you might apply. Just do whatever suit you the best :)

Suraya said...

Sean said...

switch to wordpress and the mister can do all the themes for you haha.

mooiyan said...

here's my email ;)

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