Ice Cream Day Out

It was Tuesday yesterday and it is time for ice cream eating...since there's a newly open Swensen's in Bangsar and it was Earthquake Day too~ Swensen's generously offer you a promotion their deluxe Earthquake ice cream which consist of 8 mouth watering ice cream scoop of your choice and 8 delectable toppings to go with it =). I'm sure most of you knew about this.

I thought it will be packed but I was quite taken back when I reached Swensen's. I can't believe the restaurant was completely empty on Earthquake Day. I guess Bangsar is seriously going down...remember when Bangsar was the place to shop, barhop and party?Now it's dead~ Well being the only customer in eateries is not a pleasant experience. The mister and I look through the menu, pointing out every single ice cream that look scrumptious (and it will most likely cause us early diabetes haha) to the waiter at our table.

Take a look at the empty store! The interior was quite simple though compared to the one in Subang Parade.

dessert is HERE!

It was like heaven on earth!!! haha nah was just joking it was ok not too bad~

We managed to finish that between the two of us...but while shoving our faces with the last scoop, my lips were turning blue and my teeth were chattering. Eight scoop of brain freeze ice cream, brrr~ Somewhere halfway through all that ice cream, it started melting together and forming one gooey mess. The flavours were barely discernible and it even tasted like cough syrup at one point which we still slurped up greedily LOL~.

gif animator
Now you see. now you don't! Finished till the very last drop of Sticky Chewy Chocolate.

All in all it was a great ice cream experience. This is definitely a great pleasure to be indulged when you're suffering from major stress. Be warned that over indulgence may cause you gain a few pounds and expend ya waistline. =D

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7 Responses to Ice Cream Day Out

Addin Shah said...


Anonymous said...

There's a swensen's in bangsar?

VildesVerden said...

Looks yummy

Anonymous said...

darl you shud try tutti frutti that one seriously a taste of heaven! there is one in bangsar..


.:Leeming:. said...

Anonymous: yeap it's very near to KK mart =)

Vildes: looks yummy but taste ok =)

Chien: i tried that before i got to admit its delicious...but i don't like the fact that the store rips you off by charging you the weight of the cup -______- mahal wei~ haha~

Hayley said...

Swensen ice cream is love~~ If you happen to go Hatyai, try the Swensen there, lots of variety and cheaper too!

.:Leeming:. said...

hayley:Really? thanks for sharing darl =)

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