Happy 80th Birthday Grandma!

Because of my lovely grandma, I am a better person, better daughter/granddaughter. She loves us unconditionally and has always been there for me. I cannot believe that she is 80 and still so much full of life. I love to visit her all the time and she always has my favorite nyonya kuih-muih waiting for me to take home.

Even though she is always doing for others and would rather give than receive. We surprised her last weekend with a 80th Birthday dinner.

before the grandma arrive lets take some family photos~

mom is in her spring mood =)

I did invite the mister along =)

The Wan sisters...Aunt Cindy, Aunt Suzie and mummy dearest

Finally Grandma has ARRIVED!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! She walked in and the expression on her face was so blur and cute. She's like, what's happening...I seriously don't know any of this. Luckily I'm all dressed up. haha~ We got her seated at the guest honor table with the family.


All the pretty mamas

my 2 little cutey pie

alot of dancing, singing and conversation ensued in within a couple of hours of dinner.

I didn't take a lot of food shots cause it taste really bad

make avatar
Uncle Sneah is always the one who provide the liquor and beer. His job is to make everyone DRUNK that night!

look at him~ he's already drunk at 9:00pm

yummy abalone soup!

this is funny! My youngest sis is asking my second sis to finish up her abalone soup.
lil sis: Jie, I dowan this~

Wei: Why? It's abalone...

lil sis: I ate the abalone already...I'm just asking you to finish up my soup la~

Wei: -_______-||| oooo...damn pandai huh you ni...

The lil cuzzie

My handsome grandpa

She's 80 and she still looks young and beautiful with silky white hair and sparkling eyes.

Ah kong pun dah mabuk!

It was a fantastic moment for all of us. There's nothing like a family get together~

Well the highlight was of course my grandma's cake cutting moment. Grandma is officially 80 years old. Erm~ 80 years old...gosh that is old! and for me to think that I am old now...ZIP!

my favorite Oreo Cheese Cake

Butter Chiffon Cake

Aunt cindy is the one who bake all these delicious cakes

We all sing the Birthday songs

Speech time!

Uncle Sneah: I would like to say something...of all the mother in laws I have she is the best mother in law.

Daddy: Wah Sneah how many mother in laws and wifes you have arr?

Uncle Sneah: No I mean she's the best mother in law.

Daddy: Ni dah kantoi~ LOL

Uncle Alvin gave a very decent speech

now let the party hit the floor~

The cake is awesome. The best thing I ever tasted that night.

I don't think he understand a single word he sang =D. But my daddy is always a good singer.

I always love my dad's voice


Uncle Sneah so drunk...he kiss grandma on the cheek haha~take a look at grandma's expression LOL

haha he's really drunk!

gif animation maker you can see the fat toad is always eating and eating.

I was such a fun night showing grandma how much we appreciate her and all that she does. I love her so much and thank god for giving me such a great and loving grandma who is always there for us.

Grandma here is to many many many more birthdays, you still have so much kick in your life, and such funny spirit about you. The smile you put on my face is so priceless Happy Birthday my love~


p/s: so sorry to all my readers who gave their comments on Vintagesnoise Giveaway post. Ya comments are all so awesome! I am having such a hard time picking out the best ones..and so I decided to announce the winner tomorrow~ Stay tuned for the good news girls =).

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10 Responses to Happy 80th Birthday Grandma!

Michelle . Wey Chin said...

Uncle Chiang you can sing really well!! :)

Ming you should post up a video of you singing too.. :D

Hayley said...

Seriously your grandma doesnt look her age, she looks way younger!!
Happy belated birthday to her!

.:Leeming:. said...

mich darl: haha yea uncle jason can sing really well...i cant sing like uncle chiang thou hahhaa~

Hayley: hehe thanks babe...yea grandma is gawjuz~ =)

HelenCC said...

wow, ur grandma & grandpa is vy Cute^^ what a lovely family!
Happy Belated Bday to ur GrandMa ~

Anonymous said...

your uncle is god damn funny!

RG said...

omg ming, your parents, grandparents, & uncle & aunties definitely look younger then their age! haha

siaolee said...


is your uncle sneah the branch manager of uob malim branch?

.:Leeming:. said...

helen:thanks helen =) yea i do have a cazy and lovely family~

anonymous: haha yea~

RG:yea they r all so young...hopefully I'll be like them haha~

siao lee: yea my uncle is a bank manager =)

Anonymous said...

Wow your mom has a good sense of fashion as you! Where she get her dress she look so young!

.:Leeming:. said...

Anonymous: Thanks! Oh she got her dress from MNG =)

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