Nikon SJ1100pj just made our day

I always wanted a new camera. An SLR obviously takes better pictures, but it is just so heavy and lugging it around all the time is a royal pain! Compact cameras are more portable and are easier to travel with. You'll be able to stow it in your shirt pocket or purse.

The first major difference between SLRs and compact camera is what prevents most people from buying an SLR: PRICE. Even though digital SLR prices come down each and every year, they are still significantly more expensive than their compact cousins. However, if you're looking for a new point and shoot camera with the latest features but don't want to break your bank, then the Nikon COOLPIX SJ1100pj projector camera is the best choice.

Well the cool thing about this camera is definitely the built in projector. Nikon has released the COOLPIX SJ1100pj digital camera with built in projector. It comes with a 14.1MP sensor, 28-140mm (5X) stabilized lens and 3" touch panel LCD display. The SJ1100pj replaces its predecessor - the SJ1000pj - which became the world's first digital camera with a built in projector.

The projector featured on the SJ1100pj is now 40% brighter compared to its predecessor and can be used for both business and personal applications.

Wanna know more cool features =)? Let's watch the not very exciting video directed by me...I'm so not good in directing =D.

p/s: It's an extremely early Valentine's surprise video that I made for the mister. I have to celebrate it earlier cause I can't make it back for Valentine's day...oh and I was pretty pissed with the mister that night, but Nikon SJ1100pj just made our day~

The COOLPIX SJ1100pj with its brighter and clearer projection, simpler operation and support for a broader range of applications, continues to offer the necessary camera function for recording still images and movies. Projection at a distance up to 240cm and a size of up to 47inch display is possible, and projection in brighter surroundings such as inside a tent or onto a ceiling is clearer...or even in the car like this =).

What's more, simultaneously display of images in camera with projector on the palm of your hand, allowing for more ways to enjoy features.

What makes it cooler is the 3inch, 460k dot high resolution monitor with high visibility reproduces detailed portions more clearly. The touch panel supports intuitive operation, including utilization of the touch shutter function for focusing and shooting with the touch of a finger.

Collaboration between the touch panel and projector function allows users add text, drawings for interactive operations that make projection more enjoyable.

Besides the projector, the filter effects are my favorite feature! There's 6 filter effects and "glamor retouch", which applies adjustments to faces detected in images, are available for editing images without using a computer or Photoshop. These effects definitely make my job so much easier and time saving.

Let me review this 6 awesome filter effects.

1. Color option- modifies color tones.

2. Soft- emphasizes the subjects by blurring the ares surrounding the point that is tapped.

3. Selective color- keep one specific color in the picture and change other colors to black and white.

4. Cross screen- produces star shapes with lines radiating outward from bright objects such reflected sunlight or city lights.

5. Fisheye- make pictures looks as if they were taken with a fisheye lens.

6. Miniature effect- a diorama effects is created by sharpening the center of the image and blurring portions at the top and bottom of the images.

Apart of all that, this camera record high definition movie that preserves excitement at a frame size of 1280X720 pixels.

Don't believe me? See it yourself~

Damn cool right? Not only does the specs of the camera, and the credibility of Nikon as a brand make this a good camera, but the projector feature puts the icing in the cake.

other feature:
. A rating function that allows users to rate pictures.
. A new user interface with graphic tabs that display setting control information in the monitor to make function selection simple.
. A remote control that can be used to switch to projector mode or play a slide show.
. A variety of slide show effects.

My friends are all plotting to steal the camera away form me. The Nikon COOLPIX SJ 1100pj camera is available in any camera stores.

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15 Responses to Nikon SJ1100pj just made our day

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet voice

QiuHeng said...

aha..your singing is more attractive..

ErikaToh said...

Wow! What a lovely camera with cool and great features! Love it! :D

queenshia said...

may i know how much it costs in malaysia nw?

AngelineBK said...

Ming, i reckon SLR too heavy and bulky for me.Cool Camera ler...Ming how much is it selling in the market now?

vivien said...

you're one talented girl, and you have an amazing voice!

Anonymous said...

fall in love with your voice, Ming! Could you please post up more of your singing? would love to watch more =) pls pretty pls xx

.:Leeming:. said...

anonymous: Thanks for comment...totally appreciate much =)

QiuHeng: Thanks babe! Thanks for the compliments.

Erika: Haha yeap it's kinda cool with the built in projector =)

queenshia: If I'm not mistaken now it cost about 800+

Angeline: yea I agree =) cost about 800+

vivien: Thanks so much babe =)

Anonymous: Thanks for the compliment. I'll try but I have a one play the music for me haha~

Pramudita Puspita said...


Pramudita Puspita said...


Nia said...

You can sing! :)

.:Leeming:. said...

Nia: Thanks for the compliment babe =) but i always think im just ok~ need more practice =)

❤ Kylie ❤ said...

awwwwhhh i love ur voice!
n u look soo cute!! :)

.:Leeming:. said...

Kylie: Thanks so much darl~ hehe you make my day =).

Jasmine said...

Wow, this camera is really cool. I absolutely love the built-in projector... simply too cool to not have one! Tell me, where can I steal such a great camera?

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