lace mania

Happy Tuesday and a giant hug to all you dearies~ Finally an outfit post, geezz I know, I've been neglecting my blog. So sorry about that but I'm so excited about this outfit post. I'm totally in love with my recent buy. An amazing lace-slip that cost only 5 Ringgit. Definitely adds that needed bit of glamour to everything! So worth it~

p/s: Oh yea I'll be on TV tonight! Remember to catch me on 8TV Quickie at 11:30pm =). Hopefully everything goes well~

Chiffon Top, Loaf - Lace-slip, Bundle Sale - Denim Shorts, Padini - Chain Headband, Modestarr - Bag, Modestarr - Bangle, Diva - Wedges, Vincci.

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8 Responses to lace mania

Anonymous said...

lucky girl!where can i find cheap stuff like this?

Rayanne said...

i visited your blog because i saw you on quickie second ago :) nice blog. need more time to catch up it. anyway if you interested on foreign vintage, catch me from ,completely optional~

Groovykim said...

wow hey! I just visited your blog a few days ago via nuffnang. And today you appeared at quickie. Wow oh wow.
Haha, cool blog neway! :)

Renee said...

you look gorgeous on TV!

Jasmine said...

This lacey dress looks great. Looks like an Empress indeed. :)

Anonymous said...

Is that d taylor's lakeside campus? ur background

.:Leeming:. said...

anonymous: hehe thanks~ you can actually get it from junkyard sales or bundle shop =)

Rayanne: will catch you ya blog =)...thanks for visiting my blog~

Groovykim: Thanks for visiting kim totally appreciate much!

Renee: thanks alot babe =)

Jasmine: Thanks for the compliment babe =)

anonymous: haha nope!It's actually some condos in Subang =)

Špela said...

looovee the look nice blog

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