Maybe I Love Him

I met him at college. He seemed like an interesting guy. We were not in the same class but I always bump into him while I'm on my way to college. I slowly thought he was actually kinda cute...but I never like him.

Well we were always stranger...until one day he and his team asked me to be their model for a final photography project. That is how we started knowing each other~ then we started talking and hanging out like friends. It was great to hang out with a new group of people, but I don't know how it happened our friendship didn't one point we kinda like lost contact.

Time passed and we were all stranger again...then he suddenly appeared on Facebook and we started chatting. E
verything seemed back to its normal self. We were hanging out, talking about everything in the world~ But than (after a year) he suddenly told me "I think I like you". I was all confused cause I always see him as my friend and telling the truth I don't have feelings towards him. I rejected him~ but we were all good =).

We remain as best friends. Whenever I need help he will always be there for me. I slowly started liking him.
I'm scared! I'm so scared! I think that maybe I'm in love with him, I really do! But I can’t, not him! I know that something is wrong, why is he so nice and perfect all the time! WHYY??!! And he is choosing me?! Come on man, there are so many girls out there, take THEM!! Not me…!! My mind keep showing me a perfect picture - me and him in a beautiful world of love, butterflies and pink clouds. I couldn't understand what was going on my mind. I knew somehow that life had just changed. And I told him about my feelings. We started dating and here we are now as a couple. I was happy being able to be with him. Although we fight and cry sometimes but we still love each other very much.

p/s: Never in a zillion years I thought I will be with him =D.

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What I wore:

Baseball Jersey, Belongs To Lil Sis - White Basic Top, Cotton On - Denim Shorts, Hollister - Shoe, Belongs To Lil Sis.


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10 Responses to Maybe I Love Him

❤ Kylie ❤ said...

Love!! I always see u wearing beautiful baseball jerseys but i can't find it anywhere! mind sharing plsssssss =)

Hayley said...

Such a sweet post!! ;)
Happy Chap Goh Meh to you!

RG said...

love this post! :)

.:Leeming:. said...

Kylie: Those baseball jerseys are all belongs to my sis =)...they told me they got it from junk sales.

Hayley: Hehe Thanks darl~ Happy Chap Goh Mei to you too darl!!!

Rachie: Thanks alot babe!

Anonymous said...

You guys are so sweet!

❤ Kylie ❤ said...

thanks lovely!! :)

.:Leeming:. said...

ur welcome babe =P

sherlyn said...

Love seeing u wearing baseball jerseys! ur bf would surely crazy about u cz u look OMG so gorgeous in it!!!

ErikaToh said... happens when it's least expected and it turns out to be true for you~ Wee...all the best to you and him, Ming! ;)

.:Leeming:. said...

sherlyn: Thanks for the compliment =)and you look oh so gawjuz in that H&M dress too =)

Erika: hehe yea thanks do much babe =)

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