How to change your life in 25 minutes

Happy Wednesday people~ firstly I want to apologize to all my readers for the recent boring posts...I've been busy lately. Too busy, too rushed or simply too stressed to even think about how I could go about adding a positive spin to my life. It's tough. Sometimes, too tough.

see what I meant...this is what I do to my mister as I tried to clear my head. Can you see how stress up my life is...sigh~

The mister then suggested something fun yet disgusting

the mister: Baby you damn stress right?
me: yea...
the mister: Can you clean your fish jar?
me: HUH!!! I don't mind cleaning the jar but how am I supposed to put it back into the jar.
the mister: Use ya hand and scoop it up...
me: Err ok that's disgusting but I'll try~

Didn't I told you I have 2 new pets at home? anyway my best buddy Jeff got them for me =)

embarrassing moment! Don't laugh! I know that's just a lil fish, but I felt disgusted with slimy creatures.

Mission accomplished!!! Hoooray!
All it takes is less than 25mins to turn a frown into a smile. A smile literally relaxes hundreds of muscles and releases pockets of stress and tension held in your face. I can feel my face now for any unnecessary squinting, frowning, or tight muscles. =)

Well Being busy is fine when you feel grounded, calm and on track to accomplishing goals that are meaningful to you. My busyness and the tasks I need to accomplish are generally not the issue. Rather, it is how I choose to think about my busyness and go about my tasks that determines my daily experience and my stress levels. As with everything, it is all a matter of choice. My choice!

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One Response to How to change your life in 25 minutes

Nic said...

haha this is funny!drawing tht ROLEX watch.

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