When is the last time you try something new?

I know this is rather unusual review but I really want to share my favorite sanitary brand. Most women are very loyal to the sanitary brand that they use and the most important element for them is comfort. But I always loved to try out something new, something different. I think every woman have to always step up strong, be confident and moving on in life with courage. That's where you learn and discover new things.

I always love to try out new things throughout my teenage life...I have to say I'm quite a stubborn girl. I love to do and explore things the way I want.

As you guys know I actually graduated as a graphic designer.

but I took a huge step to be in the entertainment scene after being one of the finalists for Estee Lauder Model Search 2007.

I began modeling for TV commercials and print ads until one day my agencies asked me to put on braces. But that doesn't stop me from modeling.

I decided to take part in this online reality show called Malaysian Dreamgirl...out of my expectation I got through to the finals. Now I'm an online boutique owner and a freelance model, because I know fashion is in my blood. Have fun in life; take on life's challenges and wonderful experience, with the freedom and confidence to be who you are.

Trying out new thing can actually helps us to be more confident too...that's why this time I decided to step out from the comfort zone to try out Libresse. I love it ever since I used it. Libresse has made me look at sanitary products differently! They are so interesting and always different compared to the other brands and it is relevant to me. You girls should totally try it, you won't know if you like it until you try it.

I remember during school days when it was the "time" of the month, when we stand to greet the teachers or to go somewhere, we will definitely ask our friends "eh~got anything ah?" or "bocor or not?". Now with Libresse, there is no need to ask these questions or wonder there is any leakage because Libresse is designed to prevent leakage as it fits to your body and absorbs quickly.

Now I'm gonna reveal my favorite night sanitary pad from the Libresse range.

Libresse Maxi Night Wings.

Before I discovered Libresse I use to have trouble with leakages at night on my heavy days. My sleep used to interrupt and sometimes I have to change my sanitary pads halfway during the night time. Yea I know it's really troublesome~

Libresse comes in different length. Their Maxi Night Wings 32cm sanitary pad is very secure. It absorb quickly and it's comfortable. Wider front, narrower middle, and split rear end and DFC -channel that drive liquid inside quickly.

From the look of the packaging I thought it was going to be quite puffy and thick. Not at all this brand is amazingly comfortable, soft ad flexible enough to conform with body contours. For the 1st time I was worried it might be flimsy because of the 'feel' of it, but I was proven wrong by the excellent pad technology. The pad for mere 32cm and slim profile can hold quite large amount of fluid. This pad would be excellent for day use, perfect for heavy flow-ers without bulk and excessive length. It feels heavenly against skin and it is not abrasive or too soft where it causes irritation or itchiness.

[Libresse Maxi Night Wings 32cm- pad front close up]

Secure Fit, which refers to the pad design that anatomically fits your body, narrow neck to fit comfortably between your tights keeping it in place...and the Deep Flow Channel, quickly drive liquid in while giving plenty of breathing space and comfort. DFC also lock in the flow quickly, avoiding damp and uncomfortable feeling of flow at the top layer. It folds at strategic points in line with contour of your body to keep the pad intact all the times. This is definitely one of the few pads I've ever tested...even though lotsa sitting and standing it never cause rapid bunching and flow.

Besides that, Libresse Slim Liner is one of my favorite too~

It breathable, thus i always feel clean and fresh all the time even on those very hectic days. And most importantly Libresse Slim Liners do not cause irritation and allergies to my sensitive skin. Rashes no more! I'm loving this product because it brings me the dryness and comfort that I need.

The quality and length of use is perfect. The packaging design of all pads and individual pads are quite fun and cute. The colorful scheme suits my taste. The pad might look a bit revealing in a purse or pocket...it can be quite thick due to the way folded. Also because the material tends to be soft and thus susceptible to being puffy, it might come off as being longer then it really is when fully extended.

Libresse is now one of the brand I will continue using, they even have great commercials with all the inspiring women.

Watch the commercials and find out more about Libresse HERE!

I think this is one of the coolest feature!

Choose ya favorite celeb and watch the TVC, After finish watching, video will ask you what the actress should do.

Insert handphone no. and ya name.

hand-phone will ring immediately!! Actress will be asking you what to do via the phone call.
key in the choice and see the ending video.

Sharing is caring so spread this cool website to all ya freinds~

Then key in all ya details to get some free samples from Libresse.

The website is simple yet full of interaction that users can click. Animation, motion and games are included to keep users busy clicking around! Can't believe choosing the right sanitary brand can be so interesting!

When is the last time you try something new?

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2 Responses to When is the last time you try something new?

gagalious said...

damn libresse is smart. and they got so much money to do some many advertising. awesome fixture theyre using for ad. love it!

.:Leeming:. said...

Yeap I love all the adverts too~ =)

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