On Our Casual Day Out

This outfit idea came to me just as I was going to sleep on Wednesday night. Does anyone else ever have that? I was too tired to write it down so I just hoped I'd still remember in the morning!!! My one memo for today was to "DRESS CASUAL"~ because me and the mister is going out on our casual day. Every Thursday is a "casual day" for us."casual day" means I'm not supposed to dress up too much -_______-...I think I'm loving this outfit. But one thing I was thinking about today was the idea of an outfit being "flattering". What does this mean? Does this mean it helps me body to conform to the ideal? It makes my legs look longer or my waist look smaller or my body look thinner? Does an outfit have to be "flattering" to be stylish? Hmmm WHATEVER~

What I Wore:

Ruched sleeveless top, thechildlikeempress.com - Stripes shorts, Topshop - Boater Hat, Baci - Satchel bag, Topshop - Clogs, Baci.

Yesterday I saw the most stunning things in my life, too bad that it lasted about 1,5 seconds so I cannot be 100% sure what it was. But if it was what I thought to see, It is a 100% proof of UFO's for myself.

It happened about 7ish when I was hanging out with the mister at KLCC. We were actually on our way to the car park to grab our car. While walking I took some pretty pictures, the evening sky cleared up and it was the best time to capture some beautiful pictures...then I saw this "weird star shape" appeared in the sky...and yeah, for people who don't believe me it's like it didn't happen, I agree with you, but I know what I saw and form me it happened and I will remember it until the end of my life...I managed to take a picture of it.

Is this radiation? Is it an apocalypse? Is it about getting infected?

I'm actually still excited, I still can't believe what I saw yesterday, It was so surreal! But since I wake up today I think anout it constantly and really wanted to share my story here. So believe or don't believe me =).

I wonder have any of you out there seen the same thing?

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13 Responses to On Our Casual Day Out

Hayley said...

Like your stripes shorts!
Hope you're having a nice day!

.:Leeming:. said...

Thanks darling~ bought this long ago but i think i wear it once hahaha...hope you have a great day too babe!

Mooi Yan said...

oh yes!i have something to share with you all here too!
Was that alien?ohh my!

btw,like your outfit Ming!:)

Anonymous said...

I like your webite:)

Suraya said...

omg, Joyce kinkybluefairy captured the same thing too!

.:Leeming:. said...

Mooi yan: thanks babe...hmm I'm not really sure what's that too~

Anonymous: webite? Do you mean website? Thanks so much =)

Suraya: really?

rach said...

OMG is this real?

.:Leeming:. said...

hmm I'm not sure babe, but i think something exciting is about to happen!!! =)

Suraya said...

hokey.... i think u gonne post something relating to the symbol later on. like advertorial. got me panicked je. cieh :P

.:Leeming:. said...

hehe you'll see bebe =)

Anonymous said...

i saw the alien thing from another blog too. seems like someone else witness it too :) http://www.thatgirlcynthia.com/

Amy said...

read teycindy's blog. she also saw the same thing. also at twin towers. go check it out! :)

.:Leeming:. said...

cynthia:Babe I bet you know what's going on =)

Amy: yeap saw it!!! =) something excited is about to happen...I'm excited too~

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