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Full of high-octane fun and irreverence. Dress Up Topshop is set to launch on May 12th. a new collection of 20 premium, colourful and festive going out statement dresses. Dress Up Topshop celebrates and encourages bold, courageous self-expression and style. They will get you party-perfect with feathers and fringe, sparkle and sequins and layers of lace.

I Can't hardly wait for it to launch! I'm sure you’ll agree that a girl can never have too many dresses! Get excited for Dress Up Topshop to arrive and preview the collection here. Be notified when the dress you love arrives and get set to be a style experimentalist! Please Join Topshop on the 11th of May, 2011, from 7PM- 10PM in celebration at Topshop KLCC! Come visit us with all your best girlfriends~ I'll be there to share some tip and tricks in terms of fashion.

Here are some fabulous photos of the collection:

Pretty huh? I've picked out my favorites among their Dress Up collection. Have you?

I have 5 pairs of Topshop Dress Up preview party passes to give away. To enter Just leave your comments on this post tell me what you'd like to see on TheChildlikeEmpress blog in the future. Get creative guys! 5 winners will be chosen on the 8th of May. All 5 winners and their plus-one will get passes for the event!

Be sure to include your email address, name, and cell phone no. good luck!

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15 Responses to Dress Up Topshop - Giveaway

natalie said...

I like the style that the owner of TheChildlikeEmpress.com created. Every look and pieces at TheChildlikeEmpress.com caught my eyes.I hope that TheChildlikeEmpress.com can bring us more and more style with good quality cloth in the future. Maybe accessories as well. Then TheChildlikeEmpress.com can be our "lookbook":))

ErikaToh said...

Wow, what an awesome contest!!^^ Unfortunately, I can't join this contest coz I'm in Johor. :(

Anyway, good luck to all the ladies!! Do enjoy the event and take lots of photos, ya?! :D

FatiN said...

I lurv every look featured on TheChildLikeEmpress.com. It's like the bible of bohemian looks! What I would like to see in the future is for TheChildLikeEmpress.com to step out of the "comfort zone" and try something a bit more edgy and daring. Looks that makes heads turn and leave people wanting more. Posts of must have pieces and make up products essential to the look would be awesome too. You rock babe! ^^ ✿

FatiN said...

I forgot my deets.. lol

Name: FatiN
Email: fatinfeisal@gmail.com
Cell No: Err.. i'll pm you this one.. lol

ĦųΪ ₤ħīﻣ said...

Hmm actually i quite fond of the whole concept TheChildlikeEmpress.com,however i still wish to see more Topshop inspired pieces in future? ;) as i really ♥ Topshop designed clothes,but some of the pieces are quite unaffordable for a student.through TheChildlikeEmpress.com,for example like Flutter Away Crop Top is quite similar with the Topshop piece,but the price would be much reasonable ;)

suyen said...

I love your style and your fashion sense! I would like to see posts of places where you usually shop at and places with more affordable prices of clothes (rather than the branded ones like topshop, mng, zara, etc.) but yet could still look gorgeous and edgy and also your favourite fashion bloggers that inspire you and also most people have a certain craze/fetish over something. It could be timepiece, heels, bags, skirts or dresses. What's yours? :D Anyway keep blogging. Enjoy reading it.

♥Yvvone Yee♥ said...

Great contest Ming ♥ Have always love your blog posts as they're interesting, fact-giving and so real.. Besides that, I love the way you blog about what you wore, your fashion sense is just so good ! I did picked up lots of fashion tips from you ^~^ Thanks.

Well, Topshop~I'll just be honest k..Yes, I do like some of their clothes~but some of them are not really my type cause they're a bit to wild & funky for me I guess~haha, no confidence to wear them~But in the end, afraid I'm not able to purchase even if I like them cause I'm still studying with a government loan T.T

Anyway, back to topic, I hope to see more post from you, Ming, about your gorgeous fashion trend ^~^ Last but not least, I really like you as a person, not only for what you blog but for who you are,as I feel you are real;a down-to-earth person you know ?

~Haha.. What I meant was.. Example: You'll reply your followers (us) whenever we commented something, though it's a small act but it means a lot cause we know you care about your readers (us) ♥ Thanks for sharing all that you did ^~^ Hope to see your next post soon !

Ps: I especially love your post when it's the "What I Wore" post ^~^

Yvvone Yee

eleng said...

love your bohemian style much! (; What i would like to see in the future is new blog layout. With bigger pictures! (; Be frank i think your current blog layout is abit messy S; and hope you try some other style. more edgy ;D or play around with some pastel colour?

name: eleng
email : elengsim@live.com

.:Leeming:. said...

Thanks for all ya entry!!!It's amazing to see all the creative suggestion =)~

Natalie: Thanks so mush babe =)totally appreciate much, we will bring in more pretty stuff~

Erika: No worries there will be more contest coming up =)

Fatin: Nice one! Thanks for the suggestion =)totally appreciate much!!

HuiZhi: Topshop pieces are quite expensive sometimes but its pretty =)...TheChildlikeEmpress.com will definitely bring in more pretty stuff =)Stay tuned for more!

Suyen: Thanks Suyen, well Topshop is one of my favorite place to shop. I'll take note on what you've suggested =)

Yvonne: Wow that's long babe! Where should I start haha...ok lets start from Topshop. Well if you don't like the wild and funky style you can actually find lotsa pretty girly style in Topshop =). Topshop is always about layering and create ya own style =). Good news is Topshop is having Sales right now =)

Thanks for all the nice compliment =). Totally appreciate much! Well i just love to interact with all my readers...the blog would look so dead without you guys. I should thanks all who visited my blog =)

Elang: Roger that! Thanks for the comment. As for the blog layout...yea i thought of changing it =) I'm still finding a wed designer to get it done for me =)

~V-I-V-I-A-N~ said...

Love your vintage style, just so sophisticatedly beautiful! and love ur blog, better than fashion magazine :).. basically i think u topped other bloggers with your high fashion sense and i have faith u will just keep improving..personally i love to DIY, i would love to see some DIY fashion (possibly tutorial) to rejuvenate old clothes (vintage!) into new fashion. :)

~V-I-V-I-A-N~ said...

Love your vintage style, just so sophisticatedly beautiful! and love ur blog, better than fashion magazine :).. basically i think u topped other bloggers with your high fashion sense and i have faith u will just keep improving..personally i love to DIY, i would love to see some DIY fashion (possibly tutorial) to rejuvenate old clothes (vintage!) into new fashion. :)

Elaine Tang said...

Hey Ming! I'm so in love with ur blog that really impress me a lot bout ur vintage fashion!What i like to see bout TheChildlikeEmpress blog in the future, is MORE vintage fashion trend and vintage fashion tips! Vintage is one of my favorite outfit n i love to see more of how to dress up in vintage in which eras to which eras by teaching us readers and also giving more vintage fashion tips in future. I would love to learn how to dress up in vintage especially in 70s or 60s!
By the way, Top Shop is one of my favorite brand and i would love to go to Topshop Dress Up preview party to know more bout whats new collection in Top Shop!

Name: Elaine tang (if u still remember me!)
email: doggypy@yahoo.com.sg
cell: 0163592599

♥Yvvone Yee♥ said...

Hi Ming :) I checked Topshop out just now while I was walking around Pyramid.. True to what you said, there's a lot of girly pieces there that suits me ^~^ going away at low prices~~~Yippee !

Thanks for the tip ♥

And you're absolutely welcome ^^

Valerie Chua said...

These are what i like about your blog:
1)The vintage design of your blog layout. I totally love it!
2)'What i wore' session allows us to see where we can get the outfit you were wearing. Nice one!
3)Blog about latest trend from different brands, so that we are able to catch up with the fashion trend.
What i hope to see in future:
1)Make up tutorial. You can make some video or in picture about your make up of the day.
2)Gadget introduction. Eg:what cameras are suitable for people who would like to blog too. What type of software for photo editing or share any special editing skills.
3)Introduce more fashion outfits or items that are cheaper rather than the branded one. It will helps a lot especially for people who wanna look trendy but with tight budget. :)
4)Photography skills. Maybe you can teach us how to take a good photo, like angle of the face, body gesture and posing. A good photo enlighten people. :)
That's all from my suggestions! Hope you can consider about it! Ganbatte on your blog and your online business!All the best!
Name: Valerie Chua

Jeniffer said...
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