The Verge Of Explosion

I know...I know I've been blogging a lot about ' What I Wore' lately. It's because I don't even have time to hang out with my love and friends. I have been feeling like a zombie recently. Busy with work, every day there seems to be twice as much work and half as much time to complete it. This results is either extended periods of wakefulness or a decrease in sleep over an extended period of time. I never had enough sleep, working non-stop this past week has got me on the verge of explosion. I need a break!

What I Wore:
Today Is yet another style post...yea I know BORING~ I promise it will be an interesting post tomorrow, maybe =D. Remember the last post I mentioned I love bohemian style so much, basically because you make it up as you go... I enjoy putting random pieces of my wardrobe together in different ways, it makes your clothes go much further.

Express yourself with affordable accessories and details! Bohemian fashion doesn't have to be expensive. I just bought some cool accessories from Tongue In Chic Store. Instantly transform a pair of denim shorts and peach crop top into a boho outfit with a leopard print long cardi, gold necklace, bracelets, gladiator wedges and so on.

Flutter Away Crop Top, TheChildlikeEmpress - Leopard Print Long Cardi, ThePopLook - Studed Shorts, Hollister - Accessories, Tongue In Chic Store - Gladiator Wedges, Flea Market.

I'm really happy with my recent buy from Tongue In Chic Store. Girls you definitely should check out this new site. Trust me you can find lotsa interesting and unique accessories. =)

However, above and beyond all, remember that the true bohemian is a creator. You must, and always must, create your own style.With the right mix, you can achieve a chic bohemian style and look stunning without evoking any signs of sloppy hippie vibe.

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6 Responses to The Verge Of Explosion

lizzy said...

Ming, I always love your "what I wore" posts! =D

.:Leeming:. said...

Thanks Lizzy hehe~ guess I'll post more "what I wore" post then =)

♥Yvvone Yee♥ said...

Agree with Lizzy ^^ and I'll never get bored of ur posts~There's always something interesting ♥

.:Leeming:. said...

Hehe thanks so much for the lovely comment darl...I'll definitely try to update more interesting topics. =)

mandy said...

i love the whole hippie look of ming ^^.

.:Leeming:. said...

Thanks so much babe =)~ appreciate much!!!

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