MGMT Live In Bukit Kiara, KL

I really love MGMT ! I instantly fall in love with them when I heard them play the tunes of KIDS. Guess what my heart nearly stopped when I found out that their coming to Malaysia. But sadly their concert was kinda boring~ THERE WAS TOO MUCH WAITING!!! I was there with the mister, cuzzie Pin, and his girlfriend Chien darl. The venue was shitty, it was stuffy, and the deco, there wasn't any. After waiting for hours and hours, Kyoto Protocol, a local band opened at around 9:20pm. They played 4-5 songs.

FINALLY MGMT!!! Yay! The crowd was crazy...most of them were all sweaty, head banging and jumping around with strangers. Well we actually stand quite far from stage. I think it was more enjoyable from far, a
wesome to see the crowd go crazy and I'm able to submerse into their music. It was a long concert that night. Where they went off and get back in. They actually played quite a number of good songs~ finally ending it at about 11:45pm. We were dead hungry after the concert...because 4 of us went there before dinner -________-...

I would rate the whole experience at 5/10, f
actoring in the crowd, venue, and especially the time management. It made me almost wish I didn't bother buying the ticket.

I'm loving ya lace skirt babe =)

Took some free polaroid pictures


Crowd waiting frustratedly

Bump into one of our friend Rachel

Smile for the camera!

Kyoto Protocol: Opening Act



Finally welcoming MGMT after 2 long hours of waiting

Pretending to be happy with our RM5 mineral water ~_~|...EX BETUL!

The mister took some pretty good photos =)


Although the concert was boring but I still love them much!

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2 Responses to MGMT Live In Bukit Kiara, KL

rach said...

yeap its actually quite bored but they were good!

.:Leeming:. said...


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