All “Doily-ed” Up

Happy Earth Day and Good Friday people!!! 1st I would like to say that page have reach more that 200 fans! Yayy~ It cannot be achieve without all the supports from our friends and family. Thanks so much! Totally appreciate much~ To those who haven't known the existence of this site, you can check us out HERE!

We hope it will expand bigger and we'll be bringing in more fabulous outfits. cheers!!!

What I Wore:
In all times women loved dresses. Even now modern ladies still want to look feminine and wear nice gowns that flatter their figures. Speaking about femininity and sexuality we just cannot miss the lace as the great fabric for expressing both these characteristics. Lace reveals much but hides a lot aether and that is attractive about lace will never go out of season. Lace is definitely a HOT trend right now. The trend has progressed from simple tanks to full blown dresses. From being an accessory or layer, to the main piece of an outfit. Now there are many different styles of lace dresses available. The lace trend is endless.

Headband, Belongs To Sis - Peter Pan Swing Lace Dress, - Socks, Belongs To Sis - Pumps, Vincci

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8 Responses to All “Doily-ed” Up

♥Yvvone Yee♥ said...

U look cute hear Ming ^^ especially love ur shoes~~~

.:Leeming:. said...

Thanks so much Yvonne =)

Li Ying said...

i like peter pan collared clothes :) i think they're cute! hehe

Stephanie said...

Hi Ming, love your look! So pretty! Are the pumps purchased recently? I love them! Tq

.:Leeming:. said...

Li ying:yea i love peter pan collared stuff too =)

Stephanie: Thanks so much babe! I purchased those pumps 2 years back =)

lance said...

you look so cute here!

Kimmy said...

Those socks are so cute!! :) I remember owning them when I was still a kid. time to stock some of them in my wardrobe.

.:Leeming:. said...

Lance: Thanks for the compliment~ appreciate much!

Kimmy: Haha yea, I think I have more back in my hometown =)

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