Moving On With Life

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I've been told that if you want something badly enough, you'll find a way to go about it.

What do you want and how far are you willing to go to get there?

Let's face it, life is busy...not that I'm complaining! I am grateful for all the amazing things and opportunities that have arisen everyday. Definitely a good start to the month of April. But life isn't perfect as there are constant ups and downs, well no matter what life does not end there. I always believe we can move on with our lives armed with confidence and positive attitude. Know that what's done is done. You can't change the past or try to seek comfort from it. Got to slam the door on the past and look ahead to a new life. After all if you want to move forward, you need to look forward. Looking behind and walking will only cause you to stumble and fall.

Start from today I should stop dwelling on the negative aspect and start focus on the positive things. This is all apart of the process of moving on with life. We need to respect it and make the best use we can of the life given to us right? =)

we only live once, make glitters~

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3 Responses to Moving On With Life

dawn said...

dear, such a lovely post.

very well written. big hugss...let's move forward.

not used to u in dark lipstick. but nice :)

Suraya said...

there's a book that I'd like to share with you. entitled Secret. It's about embracing positivity and optimism. Good reading material for motivation.

.:Leeming:. said...

Dawn: Thanks babe hehe~ Yeap let's all move forward to achieve great success in life =)

Suraya: thanks so much for sharing babe! I know that's one famous and well-known book =)

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