Enough Is Enough!

I thought my weekend was gonna be AWESOME...but it turn out to be the worst nightmare ever! Okay...so yesterday I received a mysterious parcel and It's the weird symbol that I saw last Thursday again! What's going on? Open or not open it...ARHhHhH~ I guess I'm too scared to open it up. Well someone have to open this anyway.

Why me? I've been really stress out lately with work and playing single mama to take care of the lil sis. NOW THIS!!! SoOoOoo not FUN! SCREW THIS SHIT!!! If no one is gonna open this...i'll do it!

It was A SECRET INFORMATION document that consists confidential info which looks like a leaked document from some top secret organization! What could this be? the only clue it gave was this website www.kolony.com.my and also a piece of crumpled paper and scribbled on it was another website URL http://lambangmisteri/blogspot.com.

I have no idea what is this all about...it is stated that something big is coming up on the 6th of April, and the announcement will be made on this website. Well out of my curiosity I did tried both links but the first link doesn't work. Hmm...maybe I shall try again 2 days later. As for the second link is actually someone's blog who has been talking about this weird symbol as well. Seems like this person been researching this mysterious symbol too! What could this possibly be about?

Have any of you out there seen the same thing too? Do let me know!!

This is just TOO MUCH!!! I seriously need to get some fresh air plus the lil sis is having a hard time with her relationship...so the mister brought both of us out for some desserts. Then we saw THIS while we're on our way to Sunway Pyramid.

OMG are you serious? Enough is enough! This Weird symbol is everywhere!

Anyhoo~ It's time for desserts at Honeymoon.

There are so many varieties of desserts to choose. Now this is what we call heaven!

Look at the excited kid just can't wait to make her orders.

The mister ordered some honeydew sago thingy.

I ordered Mango Special Lo. That looks like kuey teow with mango and ice =)

It taste real good! Desserts just ease my stress away~

This is what the excited kid ordered. No idea what is it called?

The lil sis have this bad eating habits! You'll know what I mean later.


SEE! She always save the best for last -____________-...but the tong yuen taste really good.

Mission accomplished! I'm now stress free~ All in all It was fun hanging out with the mister and the lovely sis. Sometimes I felt I'm the best elder sis in the world!!! hehe *peresan*

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8 Responses to Enough Is Enough!

mandy said...

ming, what is this all about?

AaronWoolala said...

Something is going on hoho.
But the dessert looks gooddd.

jaslyn said...

omg gal..i have been seeing the sign everywhere too..just can recall...i was just thinking abt it b4 i saw ur post..freaky!!

.:Leeming:. said...

Mandy: I'm not sure thou let's find out 2 days later =)

Aaron braces guy: yea hoho~ it taste real good aaron =)

Jaslyn: it freaks me out too!!! Hmm let's find out what happen in 2 more days.

fashioncircus said...

love the top/one piece.. izzit topshop's

.:Leeming:. said...

Thanks! Yeap it is =)~

Anonymous said...

Did u find what the symbol is abt?

.:Leeming:. said...

It will be more fun if you find out for yaslef here www.kolony.com.my =)

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