One Awesome Open House

Aunt Cindy had an open house for everyone. This is definitely not to be missed! Cause Aunt Cindy's cook is oh so AWESOME! She invited family, friends and her husband's office colleagues. I was a lil late and the yummy desserts all gone =(. Luckily Aunt Cindy kept some for me in the refrigerator. There were so many people at her place, the whole house was packed.

Anyway here's some pictures~ look at all these yummy foods...tell me how do you resist the temptation.

Mom and dad enjoy their food too =). I love this picture of my parents...they just look so perfect together~

This is heaven! Tom Yum soup recipe with coconut juice and coconut flesh. YUM~

After makan, Aunt Cindy then past me a parcel all the way from London =)

It's actually a late birthday pressie from the lovely cousin Ashley! I know I look like an excited lil girl opening birthday present, well everyone loves a little surprise.

WeeEe~ Thanks for the pink LED lights I love it so much! Now I can decorate my dream room =) hugs~

Okay! It's time for some family bonding activities and karaoke session. It was truly a fun session.

Cousins and I scoping out karaoke joints and shouting to our heart's desire!

I remember when I was 15 I use to sing to my classmates a lot...and most of us carry a book full of lyrics to school. Oh and I have a band too during my teenage years =). My family have this thing with music. Most of us in the family can sing...especially Jason Chiang (dad) and a few of my cousins can play the music instruments pretty well . As for me I need more vocal music practice~

I was surprise that the lil sister can sing pretty well too~

Grandpa giving me a cute pose

It was a GREAT night! Everyone enjoyed and had so much fun ~

By the end of the night, all of the beer and wine was consumed, as well the delicious foods. What an AWESOME night!

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8 Responses to One Awesome Open House

Anonymous said...

I'm hungy now!

❤ Kylie ❤ said...

ur parents r both way gorgeous, now i know where ur genes come frm :)

Anonymous said...

definitely hungry too.

Tyesha Pebbles said...

Hahahah glad you like it babe!!! =D

Hayley said...

Your parents look young, Ming!
Hmm, I can see it was surely a great party too!

.:Leeming:. said...

anonymous: haha after editing those pictures I'm hungry too =)

Kylie: hehe thanks alot babe =)

Steph: hehe editing those pictures makes me hungry too~

tyesha: I love it much =)

hayley:It was a great party babe =)

louis said...

what a happy family you have!

.:Leeming:. said...

thanks =)~ yeap I have 1 awesome family =)

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