Cleaning Out Grandma's Attic

Yesterday at my grandma's place I found a plastic bag full of vintage clothes. You couldn't imagine how happy I am!!! I found her old Nyonya Kebaya, some vintage dresses and unique crochet stuff. FYI I did ask her permission whether I can keep all these pretty stuff...and my lovely grandma actually said YES!!! Thanks Po Po!!!

What I Wore:

This top I'm wearing today is one of grandma's vintage crochet top. I'm loving it to bits and pieces

Crochet top, Grandma's - Denim shorts, Jade - Bohemian bucket bag, Modestarr - Gladiator wedges, The Curve flea market - Accessories, Diva.

Always volunteer to clean out your grandma's attic. I'm sure she has lots of vintage goodies from the 20's-50's~ You might receive a couple of free stuff as reward :). Or how about something closer to home... dive inside your mother's closet. You would never believe how many beautiful accessories I found in my mom's jewelry box. She inherited most of them from my grandma. That's two flies in one smack!

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9 Responses to Cleaning Out Grandma's Attic

Nia said...

That top is so pretty :)You grandma must be one fashionable lady back then.

.:Leeming:. said...

Thanks for the comment babe =)...yeap she is one fashionable lady~

Kimmy said...

Absolutely love your grandma's crochet top! :)

Would have had the chance to rummage through my mom or grandma's stuff if they didn't give them away all the time.

Izzah Khalil said...

i found out you're always coming down to melaka so im inviting you to Youth Media Carnival at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall, 2 & 3 April 2011 (this saturday and sunday) from 10am - 11pm! :D

here's the Facebook for our event :)

please do come and you'll have a great time!

lots of activities and and games are going to be held such as street soccer, wall climbing and paintball!

we also offer amazing prizes such as cash prizes! :D

hope to see you there! :)

Izzah Khalil said...

btw, i bought the purple bag u sold during bloggers sale at fat spoon :D

Anonymous said...

truly a pretty piece! i love it too Ming!


.:Leeming:. said...

Kimmy: Thanks babe =)...actually my grandma and mom give away quite lotsa stuff too...I was like why?

Izzah: Hi Izzah now I remember you =) thanks for inviting! I would love to go but I cant make it back to Malacca this coming sorry~

Chien: Thanks darl~ Haha I'll be selling smtg liddat on too~

Nic said...

where can i find top like this?

.:Leeming:. said...

you can grab it at soon! Stay tuned for more updates babe!

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