the boyfriend's 24th birthday

10th March is the boyfriend's 24th birthday, I'm actually planning to throw him a surprise party...but I remembered he told me that he hated surprise party. Arhhh!!! I've had a boy's birthday to worry about. I wonder what the etiquette is ...why hasn't anyone made some kind of handbook you can follow? Especially for when you're dating the "I don't care, whatever, don't make a big deal about me" species of man.

Do I need to shower him with gifts?....NAH! Maybe a Liverpool jersey will put a smile on his face =).
or just make the man a meal?....I suck at cooking!
Do I have to dress sexy and be nice all day?...This is so not my thing

So I decided to throw my own little private party with his family and ordered his favorite brownie. I really wanted to make him dinner, but I suck at cooking. I bought some sushi instead of doing it myself haha~

and his mom ordered pizza.

I deco the cake myself...I know its ugly...but at least the cake doesn't look plain =).

Time to blow out the candles~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY! You're officially 24 years old.

Well boys will be boys. They just want to be around with their friends on the birthday. They don't really need to do anything spectacular, just having people around makes them feel good. So he called up a few of his friends for a drinking session by the pool.

p/s: sorry for the blur picture, my camera out of battery so I'm using shien's BB.

and guess what? Our birthday boy been thrown into the pool.

I hope you had a great time baby! And happy birthday to all March babies~ Malcolm, Cheam and my sweetie pie cuzzie Ashley. Have a BLAST guys!

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8 Responses to the boyfriend's 24th birthday

Nic said...

what a great birthday and i love ya dress ming!

HelenCC said...

Happy Bday to your Baby Boy ~
U look lovely in de photo ^^

Michelle . Wey Chin said...

I loveeee your dress and it looks like a really fun celebration with close ppl =)
oh btw, Jason's bday is on 10th March also..haha what a coincident!

Mooi Yan said...

i love your dress so much!:)) and you look so happy in the 2nd last pic!hehe
happy belated b'day to your bf

Hayley said...

Looks like a fun party!!
Happy belated birthday to your bf!

Anonymous said...

uve got many spelling errors here, instead not instate, i suck not im suck.

Anonymous said...

well miss (i assumed u are) anonymous... we know..u suck! lol

.:Leeming:. said...

Nic: thanks for the compliment babe appreciate much!

Helen: thanks helen for the lovely comment!

Mich darl: thanks darl =) yeap we had lotsa fun...Jason's bday on 10th March too? haha yea what a coincident! must wish him happy belated birthday...oh by the way i met ya fren JQ yesterday. I must say i love her complexion la!!! so flawless~ =)

Mooi yan: thanks babe =) ohh haha he wanted to hug me but i avoid cause he was soaking wet =D

Hayley: Thanks darl~ yea it was a fun day!

anonymous: Thanks for the correction babe! so nice of you to actually go through my post =) appreciate much!!!

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