I absolutely HATE moving!

Hi there my lovelies! how was your weekend? Well I had a BUSY weekend. We did a whole lots of stuff, did a few chores, sat we had a wonderful dinner with all the nuffies and nuffnangers at FRAMES and enjoyed the beautiful weather while listening to records. Sunday me and my sister moving to our new place. Did I mention how much I absolutely HATE moving! I was always scared to unpack the boxes because I didn't know when the next move may be, but I'm trying to unpack a box here and there in the hopes that this may be where I stay for a while. =)

A word of advice to those planning to move house soon. Do not attempt to do it without sleeping the night before. That means no last minute panic and packing...you'll be asking for trouble~ I slept 4 hours from 5:00 am to 9 am on Saturday. That’s definitely not good. I acted like a zombie all day.

Unfortunately, the mister is allergic to dust. Moving house is literally making him sick!
We were cleaning the house yesterday and we think that may have triggered the sinus and rashes response. So, He will have to wear a mask as we clean the place up to implement the allergy controls.

GOSH!!! No rest for all of us. More stuff to unpack, loads of work to catch up because I didn’t get a chance to work on them this whole weekend.

Whoever said weekends were for rest?

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4 Responses to I absolutely HATE moving!

Nic said...

i think you're gonna be exhausted today!

dawn said...

you look so much like your mum here babe :)

Petite Cherie said...

The headband :)) So apt for springtime

.:Leeming:. said...

Nic: yeap was really exhausted the other day~

dawn: haha thanks babe! I think i'm getting older and older each day~ I miss you~

Petite cherie: haha thanks for the comment~ yeap in full bloom~

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