Baci Boutique

Baci has always been my favourite boutique in Bangsar. Because it's really stylish yet affortable~To make everyone easier to shop Baci has an online boutique as well. Lime green tank top: RM29
Roped tank: RM59
Denim washed shorts: RM59
This is what i styled on the mannequin
Sheer black dress: RM69
leopard skirt: RM79
Vintage belt: RM49
Floral banded dress: RM79
caged heels: RM109
sigh~there's this online customer bought my black caged heels so i got to release it...but luckily there's another grey 1 hidden in the store room.
Zipper waved top: RM59
Peplum zipper skirt: RM69
Black tank top: RM29
Studded vest: RM69
Zipper skirt: RM69
You can find lotsa interesting accessories in Baci too =)
Love ring
: RM39
three rings: RM49
Leopard printed necklace: RM69Accessories play an important role in every outfits especially those plain ones~Just look at the differences...two same out fit one without accessories and one with accessories~Which one do you prefer?
Black tank top: RM29
Zipper waved skirt: RM69

Stringed sandals: RM89 Gladiator sandals: RM99My favourite caged heels
Caged heels: RM109

Baci Boutique Sdn Bhd
12-A First Floor,
Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur,

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20 Responses to Baci Boutique

Nana said...

Wowzers! So gosh damn lovely la all the things there.. But was just wondering would the sheer dress that you styled on the mannequin fits a uk12? I cant find the item on Baci's online boutique, :(

Anonymous said...

booo i am a size uk 6
their things are so expensive

Sakinaaaaahhh said...

hey is the cage boots still available? i've check the website but then i couldnt find it :( i've looking for those kind of cage shoes for ages!

xoxo K

Hayley said...

the caged heels is so cool!

alicia said...

baci's pricing cut throat. i've seen similar caged heel by another e-seller at 1/2 the price.

even cheras pasar malam has those.


Click here for clothing line below Rm30

Anonymous said...

which e seller is that? do you have the link?

Rachel Scarlet said...

You work there dear?

alicia said...

@ anonymous - thekookything. but all sold out. am not sure if it's restockable.

and erm, saw the same design at cheras pasar malam. din bother to ask for the price, coz i know, there wont have sizes for me =( big feet =S

Anonymous said...

halo ming..u r gorgeous...
Can u tell me any restaurant is nice in KL (tell me the place pls)? cos i think of wanan celebrate my anniversary with my bf =)there...

Caelynne said...

allt the clothes are very stylish.. XD

Acha Hafsah said...

i love the cage heels.....
i want 1
reserve for me kay

Erica said...

Ming! I saw you in Baci the other day..
but didn't dare to come up and say hi..
omg..u look prettier in person!
and I love Baci!! :)

Sarah O said...

Would you like to follow my blog and I will follow yours?

Happy blogging



Michelle . WeyChin said...

Hie Ming!!

How are u?
Looking pretty, as usual!

Izan said...

Ming! How are you darling? Have not seen you for so long. I love love Baci, man. But it has been awhile since I last shopped there. Do they have big sized jumpsuits for pregger like me ah? hehehe! Take care!

gwen. said...

was there on Sunday, saw you :)

Celeste said...

@alicia i get what you mean by seeing the same pair of heels there! But ive realised that although theyre the same design, their quality really differs. I bought mine at BACI and they're amazing!!

Maria said...

i love the floral dress~

Anonymous said...

Hi Ming,

This Bernard from Eave, we are the distributor of brands like Aesop, Laura Mercier and so on. I really find your blog very interesting and will love to do something with you in future for our launches. Please contact me at if you are keen too. Thanks.

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