Brooches All Over

tube dress,ZARA - trench coat,SEED - flower brooch,TIC's DIY contributor,Eleanor - floral pumps,Nose

Brooches have added immeasurably to the chic style of women over the decades, and how marvelous that you remember your grandmother's stylishness as including brooches. You do need to have an inclination to wearing a vintage style
There’s nothing quite like a brooch to add a dose of instant style to an outfit. You can go big or you can try a smaller piece in an eye catching color or texture.they are a fab way to bling up any outfit.

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2 Responses to Brooches All Over

AaronWoolala said...

oooooh that ketulan bunga thingy =D

circa de ciella said...

hi! you're so beautiful. i have a brooch like you have here, but i never wear it because i think that's too "granny". haha.. well,it looks very nice on you, soo.. i'll try to wear it next time. thx for the idea ^.^

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