Braces is so not cool

Yet another hair shoot sigh~ my hair is exceptionally dry and brittle right now. I really wanted to continue doing commercial but sad to say my braces is stopping me...Well commercial is more challenging than shooting. I really don't mind being a workaholic for doing things that I like. Guess I'll have to be patient. Hopefully everything goes well after the braces is off~

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4 Responses to Braces is so not cool

Hayley said...

hmm, still how long to go for ur braces?
well, thinking positively, ur teeth will be alot nicer already once u take them off. so just need to be patient!

Anonymous said...

oh my! d braces is a hindrance? hope u can take it off soon!

how long will it b?

Anonymous said...

hey, don't worry too much about your braces. you look great no matter what. just dropping by. i love your blog. =D


AaronWoolala said...

I want my braces off too! 1 years plus some more T__T

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