Chic POP Street Market

Finally it's all done!!! Been really busy over the weekends and i never had my off day since Raya. Because there's so many things need to be prepared before the event. Luckily I'm not doing it all alone~ My friend Wayne is being such a nice guy he offered to help me. Thanks so much~
Well all the hard work pays's all worth it.I definitely had lotsa fun with the people that i worked with.After this event i'll consider selling more of my preloved clothes soon =)
Feast your eyes on the weekend pictures!!!

All the camwhoring session makes me tiredmission accomplished!!! This is definitely 1 great weekend ~

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5 Responses to Chic POP Street Market

Ka Zeng said...

hey the girl in pic 6-7 with you....looks dem familiar! whats her name again?

Anonymous said...

errmm.. hi.. can i noe how to go the basi shop?? n the address..

Anonymous said...

hey :) is the jacket samantha wearing from BACI?

Hayley said...

Looks like so much fun! too bad i've missed it :(

Anonymous said...

hey there :) when will u be selling ur clothes again? i missed it.sigh.

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