I've finally found the perfect 1!!!

leather jacket,Pull and Bear - oversized acid washed tank,Baci - black legging,pretty lace - grey pumps,Kiss.

After so long I've finally found the perfect leather jacket WeEeEee~ I've always wanted a leather jacket but it's always either too expensive or it's not the right cutting.
It seems as though the leather movement has made a return to the fashion world. this time the leather represents something different than it did 10 years ago. It's bad-ass. It's sexy. It's edgy.And the fashion world is in love with it.
Leather jackets have become a huge trend and they are extremely versatile.A nice leather jacket will look great with a ragged pair of jeans,leggings,or even a formal outfit.The best part about a leather jacket is that it is a classic item so it is definitely worth the investment. Well as the years go by it will be a vintage item then I'll pass it down to my daughter hehe~

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7 Responses to I've finally found the perfect 1!!!

Woebegone Cher said...

lol...what coincidence...i just wanted to get one for such a freaking long time...how u've been babe??

Janice said...

it looks good on you! =)

btw, how much you get it for?

Anonymous said...

yeah dear how much ?
and is it a website ?

i'm looking for a nice one too.

.:Leeming:. said...

W.cher:i've been good =)

Janice:thx...if im not mistaken it's RM250+ =)

Anonymous:it's not a website it's from Pull and Bear =)

Anonymous said...

lol must thank me for that.. if is not because of me u wouldn't have bought that nice looking jacket hahah!!

guess who? :P

.:Leeming:. said...

wahahaha i knoe who r u la...Jude
Law right lmao...

Anonymous said...

hi ming! i love your jackets! especially the one u wore on mdg, the one with gold buttons. where did you get that one from?

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