1 GREAT Photoshoot!!!

Sandy's treasure hehe~Shelly:Aiyooo!!!your hair just couldn't stay still
Ivan:She got alot of baby hair~
Ming:I knoe my hair very stubborn -_-
Shelly:but is a good thing,cause ya hair is still growing.
Ming:Really!!! =)
Shelly:but for this photoshoot we really need to use superglue to stick ya hair on ya skin.
Ming:-_-hmmm~ur so not gonna do that right...
Shelly:hahaha nah just jk~
*Ivan & Shelly thanks for everything i knoe it's a hard day for both of you =)*
create animated gifSNAP!Snap!snap!work!Work!WORK!i look half dead after a long day of photoshoot This is the worst part of the photoshoot the hair stylist try to fake it out the whole straightening process so they have to use gel and hair treatment on my hair ewwww~trust me it's really disgusting but i still have to put a smile on my face hahaha~one of my picture on the studio wall hehe bangganya~

It's been awhile since i last worked with this superb photographer Weng Kong.I really enjoy working with him and he takes great pictures =).Woke up early in the morning,dressed up with no make-up on my face and hit straight to the studio.Typical Ming i'm always punctual especially when it comes to work.Well i got there early so while waiting for the client i sat down at the lounge took out my planner then start doodling.After 40min client finally here...Weng kong introduced them to me.

Ming:hi i'm Ming nice to meet you~
Client:WOW!!!You look diffirent from the profile u've showed us.

WK:Yea i know when i 1st met her she's really quiet always look so lost hahaha~but when she's on set she's like a diffrent girl.
Ming:*whispering in my heart*i bet the client was in a shock when they saw my naked face,I'm pretty sure as well that they went like did i booked the right model....?LOL~

All in all i had fun working with everyone there.1 great experience!!!

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12 Responses to 1 GREAT Photoshoot!!!

AaronWoolala said...

Living the dreeeeeeeam~

Michelle . WeyChin said...

nice nice!! :)

keep up the good work!!

Cindy Khor said...

that was a nice photoshoot... the layers and layers of paper-like thing on your head is kinda cool...

Caelynne said...

WOW..exaclty!!hahah..sure have too be proud off..
nice photoshoot tho.. i dint do any photoshoots b4..haha.. XD

IvanK. said...

hey ming.... lots of photoshoot work huh... im waiting for mine too... searching for wedding photo shooting job ^^

Hayley said...

despite the hardness, u still need to put a smile on ur face.. wow, thats what we called professional! ;D
good job Ming!! keep it up!

Charlotte said...

mingming,good thing that you got a journal for urself too. :)sooner later you will realize its really useful and its like a treasure secret .it will be ur best fren just like i got my best fren with me all the while.beep me for next outing.xoxo.

***shit i still need to work OT tonight.=.=

christine said...

Nice photoshoot,lee ming ! Looks pretty ! Keep it up ! More fashion tips !! Hehehe =D btw,remembered me ? Hehe ^^

rYnz's Closet said...

ming ming darl! nice hairrrr!
i think got more than 8 months dint see you already. getting prettier and prettierr!
<3 hugs

webslave mc'coolot said...

very nice photos! :whee:

ah beng said...

ming ming show me the pictures while u get it :) Itu charlotte sedang complaint OT work, lolx.

.:Leeming:. said...

aaron braces guy:nah la....=)seriously join 1 in a million next year...i'll def be ya biggest fan =)

Mich darl:thx alot babe!!!hugs~

Cindy:cool?hahaha but it's reeally disgusting...

Caelynne:thx babe...u think u should try =)

Heyley:Thx for the compiment babe =)

Charlotte: ya its fun to start a journal...now its like my diary ahahaa i doodle alot...

Christine:def remember u la...u've grown up wei getting prettier d...wah pegi holiday syok huh =)how r u lately?ok i will blog more about fashion ya =)

ryn darl:8 freaking long month u better get ya ass back here haha missing you...wht getting prettier and prettier...u getting prettier =)hugs~hugs~

webslave:hehe thx alot!!!!

peng peng:Yeap will def show you...haha yea la she stress wei~

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