Party In The Club

Zhi Vern:Where you guys hangging out tonite?
Ming:errr...clubin maybe

Zhi Vern:Bohsia wei after MDG~

Ming:Denezia going la...if not i wont go also haha~ *instead of meeting Denezia i met her mom in the club,Denezia you owe me big time hahaha*

Back in Malacca during the weeksends...i'm not around for only 2 months and there's so many things happened around me~Well i had a BLAST with my Malacca buddies.Thx SO MUCH for supporting me through out the whole competition XOXO~

p/s:Juenzy darl can't wait for you to be back!!!missing you much~

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7 Responses to Party In The Club

Vanquish said...

Great stuff! Which club were you guys in?

ah beng said...

Ming ming ah, when is our hang out day ah? Sasa is going back Malaysia this july leh :)

Hope to meet u soon.

Nicole Lee said...

see you soon love! can't wait till exams are over. xxxxxxx

Brenda Ang said...

Met her mum? Haha, so cute and funny :) Oh, Mings a sweety sweet girl that doesn't go clubbing, high 5* Lol.. Awwww, how I wish I could go for the grand finale, too bad, somethings up :( But you have fun though :D

pauline said...

weEee..was dat loke hui in de 1st picca?
hehee =D
stay charming ya fren~
best of *LUCK* in ur future wei...

ahlost said...

Harror Ming.. greeting from a Kuchingite ;)

Saw you last night at The Curve.. You look gorgeous ;) Saw your parents too.. But I didn't dare to go greet them :)

Wish you all the best ;)

Lik Lik said...

babe. what camera r u using eh? pics r so damn fine!

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