Malaysian Dreamgirl 2 finally OVER!!!

Sorce from Satkuru

Malaysian Dreamgirl finally OVER!!!But our journey doesn't end here.Like what i've mentioned~this is not the end,it's just the beginning and a stepping stone for us to pursue our dream =).This whole unforgettable experience with the girls had been really exciting.I've definitely learnt alot through out this whole competition.Once again to all my fans,friends and family thanks for coming and supporting me at the finale...I LOVE YOU MUCH!!!XOXO~

p/s:more finale pictures will be up next =)

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14 Responses to Malaysian Dreamgirl 2 finally OVER!!!

Anonymous said...

Juanita so did not deserve to win this :(

suraya said...

oh crap! Juanita won? hmpff! well hopefully we'll see more of Dawn's and Pinky's ad or modelling after this.

Michelle . WeyChin said...

You look really pretty in real life, same goes to your parents and sister :)

It was nice chatting with your mom and dad. hehe.. hope to see you again!

All da besstttt!!


Anonymous said...

Juanita doesn't deserve to win MDG!

Ming, you and Dawn are the best compare to the rest of them.

I hope you all the best in your future endeavours and keep us posted always!

Send my regards to Uncle Jason. He is cool!

Best Wishes,

kimberley said...

all the best ming! please continue to keep us updated.

@ng31a said...

Dear!! I am gonna miss you, Pinky and Dawn so much after this. Call me out to yum cha whenever you're free k? email me at k?

All the best in your future undertakings...Muax~^^

AaronWoolala said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AaronWoolala said...

Oops that was me.
Too bad you were eliminated during the last elimination round. :(
Just want to wish you all the best.
I'm still a fan. lol~

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

I ike how you looks on the finale :)
All the best to your next carrier!

Veron said...

You look great in person and i love all your outfits on that night. Especially the pink puffy dress! :)

I'm sure you will go far in the industry. All the best!

Your fan always,

Anonymous said...

Aww.. I missed the finale, I'm too tied up with work.. The winner as expected although I wish it's not. Anyway, hope to see more of you ;)

Hayley said...

yes, time flies and its finally over! but, i'm not so satisfy with the result.. hehe.
but anyway, all the best to all MDG!!

Michelle . WeyChin said...

Hello Ming and her fans!

There's a facebook fan page for Ming. Do join!

Ming, I'm sorry that I didnt inform you about it earlier. Hope its okay with you :)

Satkuru said...

woah a fan page :P

it was a pleasure meeting your parents during the finale :)

... your dad can really joke, lol :P

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