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I ain't look like Domo-kun ok...I'm way cuter~hahaha *perasan betul Ming ni*This character reminds me of Walter HiIiIIii's table.Yeah~during the competition most of the time we'll hang around in Capxion so while waiting for Kat to send us home i'll always play with Walter's Domo-kun...After i got eliminated from MDG one of my friend told me that i look like this character Domokun...I'm like huh are u serious? *tengok lah hari hari main dengan Domo-kun muka pun jadi cam Domo-kun dah.*LOL~

p/s:Fashion post will be up next =)

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9 Responses to Domo-kun

AaronWoolala said...

Fashion post is up next? What fashion? :D

I've always wondered, who designed Domo-kun. O_o

Simon Seow said...

NO lah, you don't look like Domo kun, Domo kun don't have braces.

.:Leeming:. said...

Simon:*my fren said this picture look like,but i think Dawn looks more like Domo-kun*

Aaron braces guy:fashion post...u'll wait and see hehe =)~i got no idea who designed Domo-kun...y don u find out for me hehe~

Michelle . WeyChin said...

yay!! can't wait for ur next pose! :)

AaronWoolala said...

That's quite a page on Domo-kun.

This one is kinda cute I think. lol~

.:Leeming:. said...

Mich darl:when wanna go yum cha?hehe~

Aaron braces guy:Wah damn rajin wei~appreciate much =)now i know so much about Domo-kun hehe~

Domokun said...

Hello Ming Ming,

Love Domokun, he is so cute, so nice of your friend to say you look like him, where did u buy it from?


Michelle . WeyChin said...

we shall go..SOON!! hehe.. i still got 7 assignments to hand in, will contact you when I'm free kays? *hugx*

just walt said...

now nobody plays with my domokun. he's so bored there hahahaha.

but he has the cute uhhh pixel kinda stuff to keep him company. it's really beautiful! and it's the exact same height with him! :D

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