How Much You Meant To Me

This is what we do on Labor Day, me and the mister decided to have dinner and movie day out together. We opted for dinner at Sushi Zanmai (my favorite), I had crab meat salad, Tako Wasabi and Surumeika Sugatayaki...haha bet you didn't expect that I'm a big eater. The mister had Chicken Katsudon. After dinner, the mister and I chatted while waiting for time to pass, GOOD TIMES!

Tako Wasabi, baby octopus marinated in wasabi and sweet wine. greatest appetizer EVAR. Pair this dish with wine I bet you'll love it =).

Orgasmic I swear! Yum

Right after that scrumptious dinner, me and the mister hit up Chatime for a quick drink before we head for movie. Look at the crowd again at 10:15pm -_____-. This is unbelievable~ While waiting for our drinks again...this is what I do

Camwhore! Aik the guy behind spoilt my piture! Never-mind, now time for my what I wore post. I'm wearing a sailor inspired jacket, a Topshop jumpsuit and I layer it with a ruffle layer mini skirt. =)

Sailor Inspired Jacket, Malacca - Floral Jumpsuit, Topshop - Ruffle Layer Mini Skirt, Baci - Ribbon Pumps, Vintage.

We had so much fun together that night! Sometimes people ask me why I love him but I never feel like explaining everything with us. And when I do try, it never comes out right so I can't blame them for not understanding =).

Yayy, Finally Movie time! Oh FYI we watch the movie Fast Five. Remember we had “The Fast and the Furious”, then “2 Fast 2 Furious”, then “Tokyo Drift” (quite literally), then back to basics with “Fast & Furious”. Now their back again with “Fast Five”. I swear I can watch this movie all over again. They are really packing the action in the next installment. Kinda surprising that it isn’t solely focused on car-only action in the trailer but it works and I’m hooked. I'm drooling over all the vintage cars.

This is one of my favorite the 1966 Ford GT40.

Ok I think I should stop talking about this movie. You just have to watch it!

OH and before I end this blog post, I hope you all don't find this quite random but, I just wanna say THANK YOU to all of you, my readers. You have all continuously supported/commented/read my blog and cause of you all I've been showered with so many blessings! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! xo


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3 Responses to How Much You Meant To Me

Rachel said...

I absolutely adore your sense of style and appreciation for anything vintage! Hope that the fashion post keeps coming in. :) Keep up the good work, Ming!

lynn said...

ming i like your attitude, you always being so humble and nice.

.:Leeming:. said...

Rachel: Thanks so much! Hehe glad you love it. I'll definitely do more fashion post =)

Lynn: Thanks Lynn =)~

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