Another one week of hell!

This is PATHETIC! For the past four days, life here hasn't exactly been pleasant. I'm not going to lie it's been a complete NIGHTMARE. I wasn't sure if I was going to share this on my blog as it's kinda unbelievable. but I figured "why not?" not everything in life is all sunshine and smiles and in my recent case, there were certainly a lot of frowns and unhappy matters. on Monday the mister's mom got an accident...Well it's not a serious case but the car got to send over to the workshop. Now the problem is how his mom gonna get to work the next morning?

I let the mister borrow my car, so his mom could actually use his car to work. Yeap! I don't have an extra car to move around right now. It sux but I have to bare for a week till the car is done. But how unlucky am I. My car got an accident yesterday. That means I got to bare for 2 freaking weeks! 1 week 2 accidents...Are you kidding me?! I really wanted to cry~

I just don't understand why can't everyone drive safely? I don't understand why people can't stay awake while driving. PULL OVER if you get too tired on road! I don't understand how some people being so selfish and don't give a **** about anyone else and drive however they want to. ARhHHhh~ This is driving me crazy!

Another seven days of hell! This is no fun at all~

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6 Responses to Another one week of hell!

♥Yvvone Yee♥ said...

I'm sorry to hear this, Ming.. Don't stress yourself and think too much ya.. Life is like this, ups and downs always come together.. Don't worry, 1 week will pass in a breeze.. Bare with it~ Tomorrow is a brand new day, and it's only 20mins away :) smile and forget the unhappy stuff~ Wish u luck..

jausang said...

i can lend u my car. dont be sad

FatiN said...

hang in there babe! bad luck now, good luck later! :)

gabrielle said...

oh dear, i understood how you feel, i just had a punctured tire this morning, and happened twice in this month itself. however, be thankful that none of your dear ones are hurt (except for their wallets). so, frown less during lousy moments like such, but carry a smile on your face, you look really good with that ;)

lizzy said...

Cheer up Ming! God is testing your patience, hang on there! try to be positive, take care!

.:Leeming:. said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments lovelies...1 week will pass in a breeze~ I just need to carry a smile and everything will be fine...thanks so much guys~

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