Off To Work

OMG It's going to be a busy day today...In fact It's gonna be a busy week here in TCE's office. I have 2 meetings today then I'm flying off to one of my favorite country for work purpose. Gosh I haven't start packing! I'll be back real soon~ No worries I'll definitely keep you guys update!

I'm off to work*
Happy Thursday and have a great day people~

What I Wore:
I love it, I do. It's shiny and spectacular, yet classic and versatile. This long tweed jacket is so chic, it features metallic-infused tweed and a classic checked. This is the culmination of just about every trend.

Long Tweed Jacket, (It's gonna be up real soon) - Lil Daisy Dress, - Lil Black Daisy Necklace, - Pumps, Aldo.

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6 Responses to Off To Work

FatiN said...

loving the tweed jacket! it's perfect for so many things and you pair it off so well.. :)

♥Yvvone Yee♥ said...

Have a nice trip Ming ♥

Sheue Yng said...

Hi, please do notify me at once the tweed jacket is up for grab at the website! Thanks a million!

.:Leeming:. said...

Fatin: Thanks babe! I'm loving tweed jacket so much!

Yvvone: thanks babe =)

Rachel said...

I really like the way you dress. I am genuinely curious though, do you ever feel too hot in those outfits? Cause as much as I want to dress up when I'm back in Msia, I always feel like it's far too hot and too humid to wear more than necessary.

.:Leeming:. said...

Thanks for the compliment babe =). Well I wear it for the sake of photoshoot and some fashion updates for my readers...well you can wear this when ur in the mall.

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