Fear Less, Hope More!

I can honestly admit that I am not always the most positive people. I am one of those people who has a tendency to be completely owned by their emotions and can go from ecstatic to miserable. I also find myself getting stressed and overwhelmed a lot, especially at the moment with the stress of WORK!

And now to my point. I am going to make a conscious effort every day to hang out with my friends after work~ Catch a movie, doodle some ideas, do some cleaning in the house. I definitely want to bring more perspective and more positivity into my life and I hope this helps. As the mister constantly tells me, Everything will be okay.
And I'm going to start believing him.

What I Wore:
I totally love the cut-out shoulder trend. It's very elegant grunge look~ The shoulders tend to get over looked but they are SEXY, plus its a conservative way to show some skin that has a big impact. What I think its just enough skin showing to still have that sexy and chic look.

The easiest way to incorporate this style into your everyday is with tops. Look for tops like this from TheChildlikeEmpress.com.

Cut Out Shoulder Shirt, TheChildlikeEmpress.com - Shorts, Miss Cindy - Leggings, Daiso - Pumps, Aldo - Necklace, Diva.

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2 Responses to Fear Less, Hope More!

FatiN said...

lurv this look! dying to try it, but not sure if i can pull it off.. lol

.:Leeming:. said...

I bet you can pull it off babe and you'll definitely look good in it...try it!

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