Topshop Dress Up

Did you had fun at the Topshop Dress Up Preview Party Launch? I sure did! Here's a few pictures from the event last Wednesday =)

I brought my evil twins Jaime to the event. The sis and the mister's sis can't make it =(

One of the pretty dress from Topshop Dress Up collection

and here are some of the Topshop Dress Up Collection

I'm loving the Electric blue Lace Panel Bodycon dress. If only I could fit in this beautiful dress. Now I need a major work out!

Jessica checking the sound system.

Fatin made it to the event!

Jaime is wearing Maxi Floral Dress

Group shot with the Topshop team

Cynthia and me

Group shot with the other 4 fashion bloggers Topshop picked to represent their party~

Cynthia is wearing Black Bandeau Flower Dress
Tey Cindy is wearing Dark Red Feather Hem Dress
Joyce is wearing Pink Satin Bow Dress
I'm wearng Nude Beaded Ruch Front Panel Dress
Andrea is wearing Black Rose Ruffle Zip Bandeau Dress

We're all wearing dresses from the new collection. I was hoping to find the Nude Lace Bow Belted Dress...but sadly they're not in store yet! But I'm quite happy with the Nude Beaded Ruch Front Panel Dress =)~

Fatin Showing off the Black Bandage Dress

Cam whoring time with the bestie~ Surprising we didn't shop that day =). I guess we bought too many stuff during Topshop Sales. We shop till the bank run dry =D.

I had so much fun meeting with a few of my blog readers at the event. Once again thank you Topshop for this wonderful opportunity~

For more pictures view HERE

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5 Responses to Topshop Dress Up

FatiN said...

Thanx loads for inviting me!! ^^ Lurv all the dresses, waiting for more to come in.. Did some shopping at Topshop when they brought sale items down to 50%.. Credit card is crying now.. lol!

Wondering, are you restocking that pretty maxi dress Jamie wore? :)

Hayley said...

All of you look gorgeous!

Nia said...

You look like an angel!

♥Yvvone Yee♥ said...

You and your girlfriends look stunning + gorgeous, Ming ♥ Too bad I couldn't make it that day T.T super sad.. But still happy for you girls.. looks like all of you did indulge~~~

.:Leeming:. said...

Fatin: Hehe you're most welcome...hope you enjoy at the event babe~ Haha yea i shop alot too~ So sorry to say we're not restocking any of the sold out items. We want to make sure everything on our online boutique is exclusive =)Thanks for ya worries we will bring in more pretty clothes next month. Make sure you shop with us! =)

Heyley: Hehe Thanks so much Hayley darl~

Nia: Wow that's a bi compliment. Thanks so much babe you definitely made my day~

Yvvone: Thanks babe! Thanks so much for the lovely compliments~ You should come! =)

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