I felt the whole pageant thingy was so FAKE!!! Some people are ridiculous only when they try or seem to be that which they are not. It makes me wanna puke looking at some of the girls acting all goody goody. The organizer and producer was a pain in the ass...WHY organize a pageant competition as it has already been decided. Well I just felt bad for those who spend so much effort for the competition. I have to say you girls has done a great job and everyone is a winner to me =)

p/s:To those who wanted me to blog about this so badly I hope you're happy with this short post. =)

Rehearsal with the gawjuz peopleChristine Ko, Agnes Pau, and SukiI totally loving my gowns sponsored by Tangoo*End*

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6 Responses to Corruption!

sweetiegem <3 said...

yea..everything was all well planned..^_^ u only win if u bribe them :)

Anonymous said...

You look gawjuzzzz!!! Love you so much :)

Cruel Angel said...

yes...i heard if any girl wanna win... she need to sleep with the judges?

inge luciana said...

wow.. amazing post!!
u are awesome!!

Roger said...

So what's new in Msia?! Heh
However, I am pretty sure you have experience something good and positive out of all this pageant...charade. Cheers!

.:Leeming:. said...

sweetiegem: yeap so true!!!

Anonymous:Thanks for the compliment appreciate much ^_^.

cruel angel:Well I'm not sure about that =)

Inge:Thanks Babe!!!

Roger:Nothing much thou...=) yea I definitely learn alot =)

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