The Card Every Girl Must Have

Anyone out there is like me? I have to be honest that I don't have a credit card yet, hence the fact that almost everyone near me is carrying at least one. But now I found one that suits me. It's almost like a fairytale or more like a dream come true =D. As a fashion merchandiser I travel around for my buying trip and look out for great buys, discounts, and at one point, because I pay my items by cash, I don't have enough money to purchase further, I'll just have to stop buying even though if i see anything that's really nice, and thinking it's better than some of the piece I was holding in hand, I wish I can trade them back and buy the new ones I found later, trust me It's so tempting, I would describe this situation like vampires thirst for blood...sigh~ I just have to pretend and find 101 excuses to tell myself that's not worth buying (reminds me the story of the fox and the sour grapes).

The reason why I haven't subscribe a card is because none other credit card is tempting enough for me. But well well well, I heard there is this magic card in the market, a magic card that helping us save while we spend...AMAZING HUH!!! And the
best thing is that this credit card is exclusively for ladies, I am sorry for the men out there =D...This card does wonders, It makes every women smile because It gives you more on everything we ladies spend on...sharing is caring, and I can't help but share with you girls. See am i generous or what =D.

I repeat! This card is just for the ladies! why is it for us because we deserve it, hahaha nah no just kidding, because we are well known in generating sales for fashion brands, yummy desserts, pampering sessions. Obvious facts that you don't see men walking around with alot of shopping bags, and out of so many spa sessions I went, I rarely see guys though.

Revealing the magic card- UOB Lady's Card

Well if you follow me up on Malaysian Dreamgirl, I bet you know that I'm a shoe lover, well who are the girls out there with only a pair or 2?? Seriously my shoes is like everything to me, they are precious,
despite the fact we use them to step on grounds hehe, which sometimes my shoes will worn out really fast, that is why...We ladies have SHOE MANIA WEDNESDAY , Where I can collect my precious heels while enjoying 25% cash back from major shoe brands like ALDO, Lewre, Nine West, Charles & Keith, Hush Puppies and more! I'm gonna shop till I drop~ I've got no idea where to store my shoes right now =D.

Another thing that got me really excited - the wonderful Wednesdays promos! I will call my Wednesday as Wonderful Wednesdays now, besides being a Wednesday shoe mania, I don't
want to only end my day with lotsa shoes in my shopping bags, That is not enough, because besides pampering my feet with pretty shoes. I need pampering for my taste buds - Lecka Lecka! It's a promotion for UOB Lady's cardmembers on Wednesday with buy 1 and get 1 triple scoop gelato at only RM9.90! NOT JUST THAT!!! More promotion on foods like Buy 1 Free 1 pancakes from menu at Paddington House Of Pancakes and Buy 1 Free 1 hot/ cold chocolate drink at Theobroma Chocolate Lounge.

Some say diamonds are girl's best friend. I dunno about you girls, but I said desserts are my best friend, at least for now, you won't know how much I crave for good quality ice cream and chocolate. They are like HEAVEN! Every girlie shopping day out got to end with something sweet. Well to make it a PERFECT day out you can actually enjoy free movie tickets every Wednesday too! sometimes good things we have a price to pay for, but enjoying a discounted rate with your best friend, definitely a go.

How about also spending only RM108.00 for a facial full treatment, and getting 4 services (eye brightening treatment, neck treatment, ampoule, and herbal detox indoor bath) for FREE? I can definitely enjoy this privileges
with my beloved mom at Bella Luna. Do you ever wish to have that beautiful hair like those talent on a shampoo commercial? Well with UOB Lady's card you can! Buy any Hair Chemical Services and Get a Free Hair Treatment at Jantzen Hair Salon every Wednesday. You think that just it NAH!!! You can also enjoy RM10 wash and below service at Jantzen Hair Salon everyday. The usual price of wash & blow service is around 45-65 depend of hair length. But this you only pay RM10! Now you can have beautiful hair wih this magic card =).

For all UOB Lady's Platinum Card member, how about buying 1 Platinum Movie Suite ticket and getting another Platinum Movie Suite ticket completely FREE?

Now I wish Wednesday are 48 hours instead of 24 hours, because there are just so many wonderful things happening on this day, and the list goes on and on...T_T~

Recognize these boutiques? If you do, you know you can only find them all located at one special place - Bangsar Telawi

Cloth & Dash
Now there's EVEN MORE reason to look fabulous and save up all that cash with UOB Lady's Card. As
usual he will always be the same guy who scolds me for buying more clothes than I need and always encourages me to swift through the racks I can stop fidgeting or whatever...but with UOB Lady's Card, now the mister can scold me no more. I can enjoy discounts all year long with at over 100 fashion outlets example 10% discounts at nichii, 15% off at Che Che New York and SHOCKING NEWS for you girls, Well even I was shock, but in a happy way; wondering why I showing you the pictures of these Bangsar boutiques? Because now you can enjoy up to 30% discounts at some of these boutiques like Baci, Sevendays, Mooie, My Dress Room and many more, which I think UOB Lady's Card is the 1st that creates a fashion zone name Bangsar fashion paradise and offers, discounts at these Bangsar boutiques!

Besides that, you know the usual rewarding point system from other cards li
ke RM1=1 point? But now you can also earn 5X UNIRinggit Reward points with CLUB 21 if you purchase anything from Armani Exchange, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacob, Mulberry. I guess it's time to get my favourite Alexa Mulberry bag!!! The mister if you read this post be ready to built a huge walk in wardrobe when we have our own place ya =).

This UOB Lady's Card is not just about discounts and rewarding points, They are even understanding enough to offer ladies like us this protection plan up to RM7500 coverage, which include protection against all these snatch theft o even if you careless enough to damage your new purchase, you are protected! But within 30 days from the date you purchase the item. Also if you happen
to lose your wallet, they do offer guard that provides you up to RM500 coverage for documents replacement as in IC or driving license & wallet cost. Is this AWESOME or what? Now I don't have to worry about the Alexa Mulberry handbag that I'm gonna purchase, everything is protected, but okay that doesn't give me the excuse of being careless in losing my things hehe...

Besides shopping, pampering myself and stuffing desserts in my mouth, I love traveling too, and who doesn't love traveling, every girls love it~ I travel alot for my buying trip. Do you know I can actually customize my trip to a whole shopping and pampering trip? Simple as ABC, I j
ust need to call uo the UOB Lady's Getaway Hotline to arrange my travel itinerary with UOB Lady's Getaway guru, and he/she will take good care of everything. It's so easy~ I don't have to worry about accommodation, place to hang out, ahop, and eat. Everything will be well arranged, cater for people like me who loves shopping in beautiful countries but don't know where to go~

A part of all the benefits and privileges, If you have a smart phone running
on android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian platform, UOB is pioneering a mobile phone application for UOB Lady's members, and currently downloadable for android phone and iPhone 3G and 3GS users. What a perfect timing cause I just got an iPhone for myself! This Lady's Soulmate application's augmented reality feature will help me in building up a better sense of directions, and I know some of my friends do get lost, but with this application you'll never get lost trust me. I tried using it and it's really useful =)...Now this application can give a street view of shopping and dining offers in real time. Like for example, if I like to know in Midvalley what are the shops are tied in with UOB Lady's Card Wonderful Wednesday offers, This soulmate of mine will display all the brands on screen like the picture below.

If you click on ALDO, It will show you the exact direction with all the information on the offer like 25% cash back etc.

click on "Maps/Directions", to get to the venue if you do not kn
ow the direction!!!
There are MANY MORE privileges for you girls to enjoy. Go to the n
earest UOB Bank or log on here to find out more. I'm sure you'll be AMAZED by all the benefits with just one card but you can do wonders with it.

Now one thing you can missed, You Can't miss this!!!

Besides a shoe mania, I always love handbags and my 1st designer handbags that I bought 2 years ago is my COACH bag. I find the designs really unique and it goes will with any of your outfit from casual to sporty and elegant. I really~ really~ need to share this with you girls and ARhHHhhh I'm so excited!!! Are you ready for it?..
I know every girls loves designers bags and guess what you might get one of the above designs for FREE!!! Sign up for UOB Lady's Card NOW and stand a chance to win a COACH bag and accessories if you are a existing card member from now till 30th September, you just need to swipe minimum RM50 and you are on the chance to have one of the COACH bag in your closet. Ever min RM50 per swipe entitles you to one contest entry. And the tip is, the more you swipe, the highest chance you will see the bag sitting in your closet!

If you are not a card member yet this is going to be a really good news for you because you have extra privileges! If you were to sign up for UOB Lady's Card from 30th September and spend minimum RM50 for the everyfirst swipe within 30 days from card approval date, you will get 20 CONTEST ENTRIES!!! Every subsequent with a minimum RM50 will entitle you additional one entry.

Excited and think it might be too much hassle to go to the nearest UOB Bank? No worries, enter ya details here and get the UOB consultant to call up to assist your application! The best part of this is at the same time when you enter your details - and you also get a chance to win a HP Mini Laptop.

This is only for Malaysians above 21 years old. Please include your correct information because you will be contacted through phone if you are the winner.

Now I have already filled up my details to apply for one, because I am just as tempted as you are after knowing everything about this magic card. You ladies out there must have this card. I mean seriously I really can't find a reason to not have this magic card. It comes with a complete list of benefits and privileges such as free access to gym and exclusive discounts on female wellness programs. There are also enticing benefits and privileges asuch as fabulous shopping deal, great beaty treats and special healthcare privileges. his is definitely a card that celebrates the success of what are you waiting for? Find out more here now!

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2 Responses to The Card Every Girl Must Have

Tyesha Pebbles said...

Since when you jadi UOB punya advertiser? LOL. Must ask my dad about this great credit card and if I'm able to use it here Hahahhaa.

Platinum Cash Club said...

Many are being addicted to credit cards yet fails to pay their credits. Money making is a must especially nowadays that products ain't getting their prices any lower.

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