I'm Guilty

Gosh!!! I'm still having trouble breathing and I have chills and fever...The mister been asking me to visit the doctor but I refused~ because today I decided to spend time in Modestarr Boutique. The new Autumn/Winter stocks are in store right now =D. You girls have to come visit the store there's so many pretty stuff. The owner of the boutique were like " Ming I knew you gonna go koo koo after seeing all this " LOL...OMG please take me away before I grab everything =D.

p/s: I'll be posting up those pretty stuff real SOON!!!

Silk Top, Sevendays - Polka-dot Skirt, ThePopLook - Red Pumps, Nose - Belt, Baci - Bag, Modestarr.

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5 Responses to I'm Guilty

gagalicious said...

MING! wow u looks absolutely gorgeous!!never gets old by staring at your lovely pictures.. u looked just fine in those dresses with those cuts! rock on girl!!

Hayley said...

You look sexay dear! Like your outfits!

Michelle . WeyChin said...

I loveeeee your pics! :D
Btw, your hair is growing!! :D
good sign good sign!

CuppyCake93 - ElaineC said...

You're pretty! And you look awesome in that dresss <3

DD said...

hi! love ur outfit! matches head to toe! =)

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