Back To Malacca!

Last week Malacca trip was AWESOME!!! I really had a great time with my family and friends =)...Well where else? We always hang out at the same old place Jonker Street. It was so crowded during Raya. I got smashed between a bunch of people. Although I hated the crowd but I was happy at the same time. It was so coincident I met so many of my primary classmate and Danezia!!! (if you guys follow up my blog I'm sure you know who's she). Oh yeah I definitely can't miss out this guy...I met up with my buddy Sheldon as well. It's been awhile since we last had a drink together =). All in all it was a good catch up trip with my fammie and friends =D.

meet Lee Wei my sis

Lai Ting my 2nd youngest sis

Huey Ying the youngest girl in the fammie

Lai Tee and mummy dearest...yeap I have a big family =D

Cam whoring with the mister
Ming: baby lets do the tongue pose

both not ready
Ming: Ok~ now serious!!

-______- The mister not ready again~
Ming: Lets try one more time...


Meet Miss Danez

Stripe Top, Seed - Denim Jacket, Blook - Vintage Pleated Skirt, (present from mom).

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2 Responses to Back To Malacca!

Roger said...

Too bad you went back earlier. Am going to Malacca this weekend. time then. Cheers!

cru314ngel said...

you look a lot like ur kiyut...:]

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