Modestarr NEW ARRIVALS are out...I've reserved my favourite piece. Now is your turn to shop =) better be fast cause most of the items are LIMITED!!!

Happy Shopping Girls!!!

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7 Responses to I WANT IT ALL!!!

Anonymous said...

hi.. can i know how much is tat leopard singled?? n where is tat shop??

.:Leeming:. said...

it's RM69.90...the shop is located in bangsar babe =)

Anonymous said...

thx ya! if i buy 2 got discount or not?? haha.. i'm interested on the 6th pic also.. n can i know tat a top rite?? long or short??

modestarr said...

Hi anonymous,

Im from modestarr and thanks for liking our items. Should you purchase 2 items and above, u're entitled to get 10%. We're having a 'friend to friend" promo this month and we're giving ming's readers 10% if they are purchasing 2 and above.

For the 6th pic, u're referring to the see thru crochet top rite? that will be rm65.90.
if you're referring to the black gold floral embroiderry top, that's rm89.90.

feel free to email us at modestarr@gmail.com if you have any further queries. thanks :)

team modestarr

Ashlee Azurin said...

whats the name of the shop???i really want thoseeee!!!!!!!!tell me ming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

.:Leeming:. said...

Modestarr is located at Bangsar Telawi 5 =) stay tuned for more new arrivals =)

Hello Kitty said...

Hi, how much is the purple floral dress, 3rd from the bottom. Does moderstarr accept online purchase? i couldnt find all these new pieces from the website thou :(

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