My very 1st time!

Believe it or not this is the first time I’ve set foot in a karaoke lounge.Ok...ok...I know I'm a lil Jakun~ I've been to jamming studios alot during my secondary years but not karaoke lounge.When we arrived in Neway Cheras...the mister and his colleagues did not waste any time in firing up the karaoke box. Music was cranked up really high and microphones were passed around~ I sat back for a while, contented to enjoy with his colleagues...and the fact that I can’t read certain chinese characters nor did I know the words to the songs by heart. I chimed in the chorus from time to time for the songs that I did recognize. Well I also managed to croak a couple of english songs that had slipped into the queue. It was interesting to listen and watch some of them singing. A few of them were actually very good thou.

we sang our heart out~

the buffet doesn't really WoW me thou...

there were some who remained quiet throughout the session. Perhaps they were shy...but not
Kok foo he's a good singer =).

After two hours of singing and laughing, we finally decided to call it a day.

I recommend the place if you’re just out for a good time and want to sing somewhere else other than the shower, but if you’re looking for good food and service, you’ll be sadly disappointed. However, do bring some good company that you’re comfortable with, as it will increase the fun factor. Think you’re good enough to be One In a Million or Project Superstar ( I don't know whether these programmes is still running)? Get a room and find out =D.

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One Response to My very 1st time!

Anonymous said...

wat a good experience...

we should there togather..

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