Mission Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan With Pen E-PL1 'Part 2'

Mission jalan-jalan cari makan with Olympus Pen E-PL1 continue~ Next, What is visiting Malacca without having some Chicken Rice Ball.It was bel's part of the Food Hunt: Chicken Rice Ball. This is what bring them down to Malacca. I totally forgot what's the restaurant name but they served one of the best chicken rice ball in Malacca and the price it's very reasonable too...It's usually packed during the weekends...so people you got to be patient if you wanna try this!


Next stop Cendol Again haha...this 3 stooges just cant get enough~

Before we head our journey back to KL... Wayne wanted to get some pineapple tarts for his family.I brought them to Bee Bee. Bee Bee Operates from an old wooden house. So far I think they bake the most delicious pineapple tarts...hmm~ yummy~ The taste? Melt in your mouth pastry with a strong hint of butter, topped with pineapple jams which is not too sweet nor sour. Simply delightful.

I think Bee Bee is one suitable name for the shop...Cause there's so many honey bees flying around the house~

Trays and trays of delicious pineapple tarts

The workers were busy molding, filling the tarts~

Freshly baked yummilicious nyonya pineapple tarts~
One container containing 20 pieces of tarts retails for RM12

Before i end this post...this is what i wear when i was strolling around the street in Malacca...I love to keep it simple when I'm back home. This is what I wore =)

Stripe top, Forever 21 - Denim shirt, Forever 21 - Denim shorts, Radioactive - Pumps, Vincci.

I felt so overwhelming after looking at all the pictures we took...=)

All pictures taken with the Olympus Pen E-PL 1

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6 Responses to Mission Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan With Pen E-PL1 'Part 2'

stupidos said...

where is bee bee? the exact location?

Hayley said...

OMG those pineapple tarts!! i' always a pineapple tarts lover!
and to be honest Ming, how do you find Olympus Pen E-PL1? is it nice to use? the function, the user friendly-ness etc etc....

.:Leeming:. said...

stupidos:it's very near the old newton food court in Malacca...

Heyley darl:haha yea I'm also a pineapple tart lover =)...It's very nice to use...at 1st u'll find it not user friendly but later on u'll get use to it...overall is one great camera =)

c a R m e n ❉ said...

Hi Ming,
Just wanna know more about where's the location for the shop?
and izit the tart available anytime?

.:Leeming:. said...

Carmen go there in the morning...cause u actually need to call before you collect ya tarts...but i dunno the fon no =)

c a R m e n ❉ said...

^^ Thanks alot ya~
I got the phone number but duno whether it is available..Thanks ya~

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