Wanna Feel The Skin We Had When We Were Babies?

There's an up coming event I would like to share with you girls…hmm wanna know more? Well you just got to wait for the good stuff…hehe~ok ok today I’m feeling generous so I would give you a sneak peak about this Oh So Awesome event. Having a great skin and fashion come hands in hands. Well It was a celebration of soft skin, beauty and style as Johnson’s body care mounted a fashion show to launch Johnson’s Body Care on the 14th of May at Suria KLCC Centre Court, this product is specially designed for women and it definitely give women what they want. Featured during the fashion show are exquisite pieces from your favourite local designers like Carven Ong and celebrities gonna be there too. Interesting? WAIT till you finds out about this!

There's also a interesting contest coming up and EXCLUSIVE prizes will be given away and samples to be given out too. What's the prizes? ZIP* you got to wait patiently and find out here http://www.facebook.com/jbc.

Wanna find out more about the campaign and the contest plus that "VERY EXCLUSIVE PRIZES". Join us and Like So Johnson’s Fan Page http://www.facebook.com/jbc.

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