I Want It Badly!

it's my 2nd post for the day! Recently somebody asked me am i a graphic designer? It struck my mind that I was once a graphic designer. I realized that I've never been designing for quite sometimes...I think I should start drawing again~ I can also kill time by doodling =)

Floral Chiffon Top, ThePopLook - Denim Shorts, Padini - Belt, Baci - multi bangle, Diva - Eearrings, From a friend of mine Peng - Gladiator wedges, Vincci.

All pictures taken with the Olympus Pen E-PL 1

p/s: Sigh I really really love this camera and I want it so badly~ fingers crossed hope i can get what i want =)

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5 Responses to I Want It Badly!

Hayley said...

Hmm, well perhaps you can start saving now and eventually own one! good luck~

Anonymous said...

Hi Ming, im serene. can tell me whats this Olympus cam so nice? how much does it cost? whats the best function?

.:Leeming:. said...

hmm where to start...ok there's a few art filter so you don hav to edit ya picture anymore...those pics i've taken ar unedited...It save so much time...

you actually can use those art filter to video as well...so ya video will look all artsy

you also can create slide show...plus there's music edited to ya slideshow...so if ur stuck in the jam this camera can actually entertain you =)

and it's also small...so it's easier for me to bring it anywhere i want =)

actually theres more awesome function...phew~

Anonymous said...

thks ming for the explanation. im sure there is more to mention about the cam since its so good, thats why u dunno where to start :) i do like all the pics u taken, thinking to get one too may b.... :p
the conclusion is it has dslr quality n save up Photoshop time :) lighter body is the important -for a girl... :)

.:Leeming:. said...

it's way better than a dslr~

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