Alot of people been asking me whether I'm still modeling...Yeap I'm still modeling but just not as active anymore =) I do photo shooting most of the time but not TV commercial. The reason why cause I'm still having my braces on. In the commercial industry no one wanna have a braces girl to be on TV...but if the client request for a braces girl then that's a different case.
I really miss doing commercial...My orthodontist always gave me false hope. WHEN IS GONNA BE OUT DOC? I think I can't bare with my braces any longer...if july it's still not out...I'm gonna tell the doctor I need it out now!!! =)

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2 Responses to I NEED MY BRACES OUT NOW!!!

ivy goh soo huey said...

Hey leeming, klue mag rite ?
what issue is that ?

.:Leeming:. said...

I'm not sure hmm i guess its december issue if im not mistaken =)

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