couch potato

Top, Ralph Lauren - Lace polka-dot skirt, Baci - Pearl necklace, ThePopLook - Vintage watch, Rado - Pumps, Vincci.

Hello there love! Past few nights I had some couch time watching movies, It's been awhile~ I use to do that a lot with my god brother but he moved out. Missing those days...Vince and Viv guess we should do it more often =)
Hmm...back to work after a good 3 days rest~ i'm calling it my three day weekend since I happily took friday and saturday off. Yesterday I made a big yummy breakfast and had a lazy Sunday. it's been really nice and relaxing...time flies and tomorrow starts a new month~

I'm off to work!!!

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3 Responses to couch potato

teycindy said...

hello :D

can you please change your layout and increase your font size?

thank you! :D

Rachel Scarlet said...

Love this look dear! :)

.:Leeming:. said...

rach darl: thx darl =)

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