Malacca Getaway

I miss Malacca so much~ I haven't been back to my hometown for almost 2 my bro and a few of our friends planned to visit Malacca for FOOD!!!Before this, I wish for a sunny day in Malacca, as it has been raining cats and dogs in Kuala Lumpur for a week.
As soon as we arrived we went home to visit our parents and grandparents...=)After that we are off for food hunting
with stomach acid corroding our stomach, we head to Melaka Baru for some chicken rice balls... and guess how many rice balls we ordered. 100 BALLS and 1 whole chicken!!! only cost us like RM40~ Feeling full and satisfied,we head to Malacca town for Cendol.And it's RM1 for a bowl of Cendol.MURAHNYA!!!
After a bowl of dessert we decided to have pork satay but sadly kedai satay dah tutup =( so we made our way to Nadeje Patisserie Cafe for their signature layered cakes.
If you google Mille crepe, either the name Nadeje would appear. Mille Crepe is a type of French cake, made from many layers of crepe, intermittently spread with fresh cream, or any of the other flavours available.

Finally, our most waited moment arrived. It's DINNER TIME!!!
We decided to have dinner at Umbai before we leave Melaka. There are a few places in Malacca that you can enjoy BBQ fish or‘ikan bakar’ such as the famous Umbai, Anjung Batu, Alai and Muara Sungai Duyong. The ikan bakar in Umbai was AWESOME!!!
All in all it was a successful road trip all the way to Malacca. We definitely had a great time =) ~

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Caelynne said...

thats so cute ^^ love the outfit..u got style Ming :)

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