Hit me!!!

Wearing my sisters cropped top which I'm going to steal hehe~

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9 Responses to Hit me!!!

enxhious said...

Love your style gal ;) You're one of my fav MDG by far! =D

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to ask after reading your blog for so long - who takes your pics for you? :)

ju said...

is the bag from topshop?

Michelle . WeyChin said...

awesome prettyyyy pics :)

Anonymous said...

love your fashion!Keep it up! =)

Name said...

love her style

my Malaccan friends said that Ming look damn gorgeous in real life.

Roger said...

Hit you? Nobody has the heart to hit your pretty face babe, especially me. Teehehe

.:Leeming:. said...

enxhious:thx for ya comments and support babe =)

anonymous:my frens =)

ju:nope it's from asia avenue =)

Mich dar:thx darl Mich...when ur free la~=)

May:thx alot =)

name:Blush*blush* thx for ya compliments =)

roger:hahaha my sis will hit me thou by stealing her clothes...hmm well we steal each others clothes LOL~

日月神教-任我行 said...


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