Darl thanks for always being there for me...I LOVE U MUCH~

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17 Responses to Twenty-TWO

.:Leeming:. said...

hey guys!I'll b back real's really hard for me to blog using my ipod...have a great day ahead, cheers...:)

deJelly said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Jazzy*Pam said...

Happy Belated Birthday, gurlie. :) Hope you had a blast. Have a great year ahead and may all your dreams come true! ;)

Crystal Hew said...

Happy birthday Ming!! Have a great one!

Hayley said...

i bet u had a great birthday huh? hehe..
and cant wait to see more updates from u!!
take care!

cyc said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MING!!! HAf lotsa lotsa fun!! God Bless! Hugzz =)

Roger said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Health and wealth always.

S.ting said...

Happy birthday!

u r cancer baby too..same as mine

Anonymous said...

happy happy happy birthdayyyyyyyy
have lots n lots of fun!!!
have a funtabulous year ahead!!!!

Caelynne said...

stay gorgeous XD

rYnz's Closet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rYnz's Closet said...

happy birthday ming darl!
Time flies! i still remember we were celebrating ur birthday in PJ last year!!And it feels like jsut a recent thing. hahaah! Was having fun backthen! still remember i drank a glass of wine without realising i was actually tipsy already! @.@

miss ya! enjoy ur trip <3

sils said...

Hi Ming, I'm a silent reader of your blog. Happy Birthday to you, all the best in life. Just some curios questions that I got in mind, what kind of camera are you using? Is it NIKON DSLR? Did you edit all your photos with some kind of software? If yes, what software are you using? Because I really love all of your photos' result. Thanks beforehand. Keep posting Ming :). Cheers!

.:Leeming:. said...

I'm BACK!!!

de jelly:thx alot =)

pam:thx darl Pam...thx for the birthday wishes hugs~

Crystal:thx crystal

Heyley:yea =)and theres more updates c'min up =)

cyc:thx darl =)

Roger:thx alot Roger =)

S.ting:thx...yeap im cancer baby =)

anonymous:thx alot...

caelynne:thx darl~

ryn darl:yeap time flies...and we're 22...hai old d...come back la darl...missing u so much~

slis:thx for the bday wishes~im using cannon 400D...i'm using photoshop...just play with the color and curves =)

GeOk kEE好きな♡ うち said...

hey Ming, so sorry for my late wishes~

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

kimberley said...

Happy belated birthday Ming! Glad to see you looking really happy in the pics. Hope you'll have a wonderful year ahead. Btw, are you a big fan of starbucks?

Simon Seow said...

OMG. You're only 22. So young.

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