Here I come!!!

pack~paAK~PACK~Phuket here I come!!!

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5 Responses to Here I come!!!

Suraya Dzulquarnine said...
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suraya said...

have a safe trip and enjoy :D

alicia said...

hey, tot i saw you at cineleisure on sat...was it really you? hmmm...

anyway, have a good holiday! ;)

Anonymous said...

when u go!


KELLY said...

i'm a half phuket-ian (:
just a little tips for ya.
whereever u go (with public transport) or whatever u buy (from places like markets or bazaar. definitely nt shopping malls lol),
they tends to slaughter price when they knew ure a tourist.
i'd seen many of these before.

try out my aunt's dimsum
u can go on for the locations.

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