I'm gonna soak up the sun!!!

jeans jacket,Blook - maxi dress with rose prints,sevendays - gladiator wedges,the curve flea market.
Recently we saw on many fashionistas the summer trend of the year:Maxi dresses with bright colors!I think that a hippie dress with gladiator wedges looks very refreshing...put on a natural make up let loose ya hair and you're good to go.No matter if printed with flowers,stripes or paisly patterns long dresses are perfect for breezy summer days.

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13 Responses to I'm gonna soak up the sun!!!

GeOk kEE好きな♡ うち said...

hey Ming, the dress looks nice on you...cute~~

cyc said...

Ming!! Hello there again...gosh been such a long time since i last caught up with ur blog...finally got home to wonderful msia..n gosh...i'm loving wondermilk too..where is it??
and cool outfits for all the previous post girl...i'm gona hunt me pumps now...haha...

Annie said...

Which clinic u put on ur braces?

Caelynne said...

Lee MIng looks great in anything.. haha..
+ I love the 1st pic..very pretty indeeed. XD

Anonymous said...

love the maxi dress! :D :D
that day talk until sesat! ><


rYnz's Closet said...

enjoy ur days in phuket ming! :D

Roger said...

Happy holidays! Do remember to bring back some souvenirs for us. Cabutz!

Michelle . WeyChin said...

pretty! the dress is awesome and i love ur make up~

shEngyi said...

hi there!

i love da colours of ur pics

how u edit it?

amber said...

hey ming, saw u at ikano on last saturday. you looked pretty. (:

.:Leeming:. said...

geok kee:hehe thx babe~

cyc:thx babe~wondermilk is in uptown =) go check it out i really love the interior...haha go hunt in Aldo there's alot of pretty pretty pumps there =)

Annie:hmm my clinic is in SS15 =)

lynne:haha nah la darl not everything only certain clothes hehe thx alot ya mwah~

Chien:haha sorry darl...when ru coming back?

rynzy darl:thx darl~

Roger:haha i don plan to shop there =)

mich darl:hahaha thxdarl gosh i seriously need to do a makeup post =)

shengyi:play wit the curves on photoshop =)

amber:BLUSH*thx for the compliments...yea i hang out alot there =)

missroum87 said...

babe, where did you bought that maxi dress?? i like it so the very much! :D

unworthy said...

Hi. Just want to say that your pics, your words and you are all beautiful.


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