Some Nonsense Poem

The other day I kinda catch up with Leslie.He's one of my best buddy since we were back in high school.We were talking and laughing then suddenly he came out with this poem that really cracks me up...Ready to laugh ya heart out?

girls are many and easy to find.

for my wife i choose the right kind

faithful and true first of all

must be at least over 5feet tall

good looking and shapely if possible

must be a lil sociable

a good mother she must be

to love the children and of coz me

not the type tht squanders money

on fashion suits her fancy

for those who think they are qualify..

please do APPLY


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3 Responses to Some Nonsense Poem

Crystal Hew said...

the poem is nice... :)

Anonymous said...

I love ur look in the photo taken in Phuket. Ming, r u using blusher or bronzer? Which brand r u using?

suraya said...

love the poem! so funny :P

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